Thursday, August 5, 2010

busy end of july!

What a fun summer we've been having!! Ever since we've gotten home from vacation, i feel like we've been going non stop! For those that don't know, i've gone back to my old summer job at the golf course to work on the days josh is off! At first i was not very excited, but it has proven to be a nice break, allowed me a few hours of adult conversation, and brought in a few extra bucks! Since i know that the babies are in wonderful hands when i leave (Daddy's), that makes it MUCH easier! But i still love these moments the best:

We've still had plenty of time to have lots of fun though! (Just not much extra to update the blog...or clean the house....)
Right now the kids favorite things to do are Avery: play with the cell phones (toy or real...whatever she can get her hands on) and act like she's talking. Colby: LOVES to play ball and play in the tent and play "pull the blanket" with Zach...Colby takes one end and Zach takes the other and they run around the room =) Zach: stealing anything anyone else is playing with, sitting in a box,and loving on the stuffed animals that play music or talk. They've also all had lots of fun playing outside! They have finally figured out how to climb up the steps to go down the slide and love running up and down the ramp to the shed. Although Colby thinks we are going to a buffet everytime we go outside (his favorite courses are rocks and leaves), he manages to have a little fun too!
Here are some fun (and a little random) pics of us having fun!

As the babies grow and develop it's really fun to see how they compare with one another. At this point, i really haven't had any worries about their development, b/c even if it takes a little bit longer for one, they still all do the same things in the end! We've been working on saying words and i've been teaching them a little sign language too! Colby is definitely the best talking and most willing to try to say words. We're at the stage where i repeat the same word 100 times until someone tries to say it back to me. Some of the words they say regularly are "Per"(Cooper), "All done"(they sign this one too), "Home", "More" (also signed), "Hi", "Mama", "dada", "Mamaw" and "ball". Colby's repertoire includes "Uncle", "Good", "Cookie", "Open", "Duck",and "Bath"...and my favorite thing he does is mumble "dub-a-dub-a-dub-a" to himself or to us's so cute! Avery is the least talkitive of the group....but im sure that will change!!
I'm so over teething.
They eat EVERYTHING!!! Some of their faves are Avery:Mac and Cheese, any kind of pasta, eggs, cheese and fruit Colby: fruits (esp. watermelon, cantalope, grapes and peaches), bread of any kind, and cheese Zach: Green beans, bread, cantalope, watermelon, and grapes. They are all huge fans of breakfast-i make them pancakes, waffles, and scrambled eggs on a regular go along with their banana and yogurt...and i have 3 happy campers! The latest summer favorite for everyone has been corn on the cob. They are so cute and so determined to eat it and do a pretty good job of it too!!
This was our first try of corn on the cob....Mommy held it while we knawed on it....

Now we have a new method....the cob gets cut in thrids, and they do it themselves!

We also made a big dining room switch-er-oo. We sold the triplet table and bought a table we can all sit at together for our meals. It's been SO nice! They do a great job sitting in their boosters and it's great that josh and i have a place to sit too (josh would sit on a bean bag on the floor in order to eat with us before!)
one of our last breakfasts in the old table...

first breakfast at the new table...

As of July 20th, we said a final good bye to the bottle. It wasn't hard at all to break them of it, but now Avery won't drink any milk. at all. The boys do great with their straw cups, but she takes one look at it and sees that it's milk, and hands it right back to me. awesome.
Talking about Avery's milk habits lead perfectly in to rotten susan. Ever since she started climbing up on the couch, i've given her the nickname "rotten susan". She would climb up on the couch and i'd spot her and she'd give me a look and a laugh that said "i know i'm not supposed to be up here...but i'm doing it anyways!", so rotten susan it was! (my grandpa used to call me Kara Louise....but i was always an angel, so i'm not sure where that came from!) Here are some of her latest moves as rotten susan...I found her like this on the couch and snapped the picture before she noticed me! notice the little hand on her dress as to say "Hey! how'd you get up there?? Share the treasures with me!"

And while this is a very cute picture of daddy with his babies, Avery's face screams rottenness!!

Some day i hope i come to enjoy bathtime, but right now, it's still not very fun. I usually do baths by at a time...while the other two are in the other room screaming. Makes for a really fun time. But while they are in with me, they are really cute.

Zach's bubble goatee

And he looks so cute snuggled up in his robe!
Getting to play with the "dump cup" is the highlight of Colby's baths!
Some day, i'll be able to put them all in, and it will be wonderful, and when they can give themselves a shower...even better!
Every year, my multiples group has a Splash Day...well this year, we hosted it! There were around 50 kids (and all 12 of their mama's+one dad!) over playing in the water and running around our backyard! It was so much fun!

Here's an action shot of a few of the families!

Then 2 days later, we went to our cousin Savannah's pool party for her birthday! They had a really cute kids area that was fenced in! They were free to roam, and aunt jamie, grandpa and grandma were there to help!

Last week we took our first trip to the Butler County Fair! It was a really hot night, but we had lots of fun! We watched a little bit of the tractor pull...

Drank all of mommy's lemonade...

but it wasn't fun sharing...

Met a goat...

...and some cows...

And finally found Zach's niche....petting the animals. He LOVED seeing all the animals and petting them through their cages!

And of course...enjoyed some yummy fair food!!

More One Year Old Friends!
Then last weekend, got to go celebrate with a wonderful family as their triplet girls turned one! Mom and Uncle Alex came with coverage is always the best when available...and it was such a fun time!
eating dinner...

Uncle A (best uncle ever!) and Avery...

Mamaw and Colby

Uncle A and Zach...

And the princess =)

WHEW! Are you tired too?

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