Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter wonderland

Well….last time it snowed and I tried to take the kids out by myself, I vowed they wouldn't go out again until they were at least 8….but I gave in when josh offered to help get them dressed and go out and play with us. And thank goodness I did, b/c we had SO MUCH fun! I had to bribe them with chocolate to get them back in the house…not to mention they were freezing!!

Colby immediately hopped on the he knew what it was for!

Zach acted like he liked the snow for a few pics...

but didn't have the best luck staying on his feet...

A and Z loaded up on the sled...Z wasn't too sure...

Mommy and her girl

A saying "YAY Snow!"

Z checking out the dogs

A posing for a pic

Mommy and Colby

Mommy and Zach

Colby was so excited to slide..

this is how he landed...

Daddy and Colby

"Mush Daddy!"

Colby goin for a ride

Mommy and Avery ready for a ride

A pullin the sled

Sweet Zach

Daddy and Zach....reapplying gloves for the zillionth time

Everybody helping mommy with the sled

And now with the fresh 5 inches we got today.....we might get to go do it again!!!

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