Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Less than a month till the “babies” turn 2!

Other than a round of the stomach flu for all (except josh, but he got something last night…so he got his turn too) last week, we have been doing great! (and although it was a less-than-24-hour-bug, when you spread that out from Sunday-Tuesday…and include mommy being down for one of those days, it's really not fun at all)

It has been so much fun and so frustrating sometimes too. As our three sweet little angels are approaching the 2 year mark, their opinions are becoming more known….sometimes through biting, sometimes through hitting, sometimes by slamming the cabinet door over and over and OVER until mommy's head starts to spin, sometimes by screaming louder and LOUDER if their request isn't met the first time etc. BUT amidst some of the craziness, I find myself saying "you are so smart" at least once a day because they surprise me with something new all the time. They are talking up a storm….and putting 2-4 words together at a time….and as long as I can understand them, it makes life so much more wonderful with the increased ability to communicate! It's so much fun to teach them new things….and CrAzY when they remember what I taught them the next day!! We are working on counting, and I recently bought magnetic letters for their magnet board and they are pretty consistent at finding the "U" for uncle =) and while playing in the ball pit, they can always find a yellow ball, most of the time find a purple ball and the rest of the colors are up in the air still! Some of their impressive words they can say/identify are "Octopus", "Exercise"….and I tried to upload a video of them learning the word "quesadilla" but it would work….but take my word…it was super cute!

They LOVE them some Barney and Elmo, which occupies a lot of time in the car….when they aren't looking for busses and "big truck"s! They love playing with babies and are so sweet and nurturing. They feed the babies, say "baby sad" and give it a snuggle, change the baby's diaper, and then lovingly throw them in a bin when they are done =). They love reading books (especially those with Elmo…and even more so when Elmo is riding a bus!), doing puzzles, and writing on their doodle boards (which they call "ABC's"). They have been getting very innovative and realized they can move some furniture around the room and use it to get to things that are out of their reach. Awesome.

We are off to the dr on Friday for their 2 year checkup…so I'll be able to share some updated growth statistics….especially after their crazy amount of food intake the past 2 days, they might break the scale!

Here are a few pics from our recent trip to the Newport Aquarium! Our friends Geoff and Mandy got us tickets for Christmas!! The kiddos had a blast!

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