Friday, June 24, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Sorry for all you loyal followers who have had to see the "happy mommy day" picture for the past 8 weeks! We have been BUSY. 2-year olds are BUSY! And 2 year olds get BORED and GRUMPY when they're not BUSY!

Since I have almost 2 months to catch you up on….I'm going to show you what we've been doing rather than tell you =)

At the end of May, we celebrated my mom's birthday...aka Mamaw...with Red Lobster...aka Monsters....and Birthday Cake....aka Birthday Cake (they know and love this one

They loved the hot days at the end of May!!

Happy Memorial Day! We had a nice hot day, so decided to go swimming! Here are my cuties enjoying the water...

Then we put our Beach Waterpark passes to use and tried out the waterpark! Avery had a blast...and i'm not sure i remeber zach ever getting off of my lap. (Which is great for the tan lines!)

waiting for daddy to come down the waterslide! (Colby's the only one looking the right direction!)

Then last especially make Zach (our animal lover) happy, we went to the zoo....on Monday and Thursday!

Here they are in the children's zoo looking at the baby wallabys. Now everytime Colby looks in our fireplace, he 'sees' a Wally-Bee!!

And here they are ready to go on Thursday!

Although there is plenty of fighting that still goes on, there are some very sweet moments that just melt my heart. One of my favorites was when colby sat down next to avery and said:

C: "Sissy, pretty toes"

A: "Yeah"

C: "Liiiike it"

The little fingers pointing you may think are just showing mommy the slides, but they are really couting! All 3 can count to 10!

And on any given day, we have to feed/dress/change/walk any number of babies. Here are 2 babies having lunch with us.

Miss Thing in the sun

They LOVE looking at airplanes (this is with our friend Hadley)...and always ask for "More airplanes please" after they fly by.

Most importantly, and most fun, we went to Myrtle Beach the first week of June! We were optimistic on how the kids would do in the car for 12 hours each direction, what they would think of the beach and how this trip would go...but as usual, they did WONDERFUL and we had a fabulous time! While there's not much 'relaxing' in a vacation with 3 2 year olds, we stuck pretty close to our normal routine, except spent our normal play times on the beach! I could definitely get used to that! The kiddos had different feelings towards the "pretty water"...Avery loved it, Colby and Zach were not big fans. If there weren't waves 'coming after them' they might have been ok, but everytime they took their buckets out to get water, they would get close, see a wave crash, and turn around and take off running the other direction! But they did love the "Little water"...which were the little pools that were left after the tide went out.

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