Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Joys of 2 year olds...

There are some moments with my kids i'd like to have over and over again.....but there's some that are only funny when i'm looking back on them....but i have to share and document them so we can all look back and laugh together.

So I think September has been a hot month for destruction for the kiddos...we started September 3rd. The first day EVER that the kids didn't have a nap. None of them. They were all in their beds at normal time, but not a one of them went to sleep. Finally, about their normal wake up time, i went in to get them. And i found this...

with a pile of all the stuffing on the floor. Apparently there was a little hole along the seam of Colby's bumper, and he proceeded to make it a very large hole and pull the stuffing out bit by bit and throw it on the floor. Now i know why they were so entertained and couldn't sleep! I told Colby that he ruined his bumper, and he was insistent that we go to the store to get him a new "bump-aa". After a couple of days, I put my sewing machine to work and repaired it to my best efforts and put it back on the bed, and needless to say, he was thrilled....and so far, no more holes.

Then, later that night, I was giving the kiddos baths, like i have for 2.5 years mind you, same routine that we've always done. I wash all 3, and then get one out at a time, put their diaper and bath robe on, and send them out of the bathroom. When they're all out, then I come out and put their lotion and jammies on. Simple, the same every time, never any major problems. Well....their must have been a full moon on this night, because when i came out of the bathroom, I found Avery and Zach standing on the couch, pulling tissues out of a brand new box of tissues and dropping them over the ledge. This is what the stairs looked like with a whole box of tissues on them. After a quick lecture of how "we do not throw things over the ledge", avery and zach got to clean them all up! Not sure they really felt like the clean up was punishment, but at least the job was done!

So those first things, while mildly entertaining, weren't really that bad. But this next one, you just can't make up. Let me set the scene, I was at work when i received a picture message from Josh.

It was hard for me to tell exactly what i was looking at, other than avery and a HUGE mess. His caption was something along the lines of "don't think it's a good idea to take the gates down to the kitchen yet, it took her 45 seconds to make the mess and me 30 minutes to clean it up". I was so anxious to call him after work to find out what had happened.
Apparently, Josh and the boys were finishing up cleaning up the basement when avery decided to come upstairs alone. That's not really that out of the ordinary, b/c she's miss independent and always needs to run upstairs to get something she's forgotten, but in the past has always just grabbed what she needed and headed back down. But since they were so close to being done, Josh didn't worry about making her come back down. He wrapped it up and headed upstairs, and found her in the kitchen like this. He said "WHAT??!!" and she looked at him and burst into tears. He looked around and tried to piece together what exactly had happend. He tried to blame me for putting powdered sugar in a tupperware bowl that was easily accessible to her. When i clarified that no, infact i don't store powdered sugar in a tupperware, and that i keep it in it's bag in the pantry, it all made more sense to him. So Avery came upstairs, opened the pantry, got out the powdered sugar, found a tupperware bowl and poured the sugar in (and all over the floor), then went and threw the bag away in the trash, and got a spoon out of the drawer, and proceeded to sit down and eat it! (that explained the sugar on the trash can and silverware drawer). He did his best to clean it up, but there's still a nice film across the floor. She was still pretty shy when i asked her about it later, but was anxious to tell Uncle Alex about it 2 days later!
So.....that led to us further childproofing the kitchen (cabinet locks and a door knob cover on the pantry) and removing the gates to the kitchen. Not that we want ore messes like that, but we've been fighting Avery b/c she had figured out how to work the gate that led to the kitchen, and it was just too much of a novelty. So hopefully, the excitement of coming in the kitchen will wear off soon, but for the past 2 days, for every meal, i've had 3 ready and willing helpers!

Oh and did i mention before i left for work on monday that avery got into my makeup bag and put my liquid foundation all over zach (and his clothes and my couch)???

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