Friday, October 23, 2009

Big ole' babies!

We had a fun trip to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday! (at least we did until Zach face planted in the dirt! poor guy!) It was a little too sunny and windy for the babies to be completely that's why they have squinty eyes =) but it was a beautiful day!

We went to the dr. yesterday for their 6 month check up....and they are doing AWESOME! Nurse Mary said they have been doing a lot of catch up lately in size...especially Colby! We did a developmental evaluation (remember a lot of their development will be based on their adjusted age of 4 months instead of actual age of 6 months)Well....they were doing everything a 4 month old should be doing....most of what a 6 month old should be doing and some things beyond that too!! It was a great visit....until their 4 shots at the end....we were all crying. =(
Here are the weight updates....and just so you don't have to look back, at birth, 6 months ago,
Avery was 3lbs 6oz...and is now 14lbs 7oz!
Colby was 3lbs 11oz....and is now 17lbs 9oz!!!!!
Zach was 3lbs 4oz....and is now 15lbs 10oz!!
and just for comparisons sake.... at birth combined they were 10 1/2 lbs of baby! Now they are almost 50 pounds of baby!!! Amazing!

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