Sunday, October 11, 2009

My babies are 6 months old!!!!!!!

WoooOOOO-WOOOOT! Hey You! Over Here!

Now that i've got your attention....My babies are 6 months old!!!!!!! Here they are with their 1/2 birthday cake (sent from their Aunt Kristie (my awesome friend!) in South Carolina) and 1/2 candle!

To start the day the babies and I hung out and ate cake...well at least i did! Then we got ready for our Tri State Multiples Fall Festival! We were originally going to be goldilocks and the three bears....and while they looked ADORABLE in their costumes, they were very big on them, very hot, and very hard to get on and off! Good thing i tried them on first huh?! ;)
(Colby Bear)

(Avery Bear)

(Zach Bear)
So we went to the back up option....the 3 little bees....with a king and queen bee watching over their hive!

And i know this is going to be hard to believe...but we won the cutest babies contest!!! I can't imagine why!!


Here's the King Bee with his baby Bees...

And the Queen Bee with her baby bees...

We had so much fun hanging out with all of the other multiples families! Imagine....about 35 families....and of those....115 kids!! These events will be even more fun when they are a little older and can actually play...instead of eat through the trick-or-treating...

but at least mommy is good at multi-tasking!!

The baby bees took naps on the way home, woke up to eat some banana-rice cereal and peas and then went to bed (and the boys slept from 11:30p until 10a!!....don't be too jealous though, the little princess was up at 4, 8, and 11).
Josh and I still look at each other and say 'holy cow...we have 3 babies'...and usually add on '3 perfect, adorable, healthy babies that we can't imagine life without'.

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  1. So very cute!! I'm impressed with the king hubby would never do that!