Monday, December 7, 2009

December update

Almost 8 months old!

I have a lot of patience…..but this blogging program is pushing me far past my limit! I’ve uploaded these pictures 3 times now, but knew better than to type anything until the pictures were here. So now I’m typing in Microsoft Word, and going to fight the program to let me cut and paste it into the blog. So this program is part of my excuse for such a long break between entries…the other excuse is…I’ve got triplets!! =) Now on to them….

They are adorable! And their personalities are coming out more and more every day. Avery is a Mommy’s Girl. Bad. She likes daddy, she likes Mamaw, and a few other women are ok, but if mommy’s around, she better be in her arms. (I secretly love it though!) To the outside world she is sober, very few smiles are revealed, and she takes everything in, and isn't always too sure....but to mommy, i just have to walk in the room, say her name, or make eye contact and i have smiles and giggles galore!
She just converted from scooting on her back and wearing all the hair off the back of her head to barrel rolling across the floor. 5-6 rolls in a row can get you to just about anything!! Colby is a ham. He’s big and strong, and when he gets tickled he has an adorable little laugh. He’s happy, content, and likes to be big (ie. Eating anything off our plates we will give him, tries to hold his own sippy cup and bottle, and sits up). He LOVES to bounce in the doorway jumper…and is really good at it too!! He still loves to stand up, but when he’s laying on his belly, Colby can pivot himself in a circle, and will get up on all 4’s but doesn’t move yet. He's freakishly flexible too!!
Zach is just a sweetie. He is a smiley little guy and loves to snuggle and give kisses. We have a toy that is a play table with a seat attached that allows them to walk around the table, and he loves that he can walk around and be mobile in it! He wears a mark into the carpet he does so many circles!! Although he isn’t crawling yet….he’s super close and in the mean time he gets around by pivoting and scooting.

Avery is still the only one with teeth. I keep checking the boys daily to see if there’s a change, but so far, nothing. They are happily chewing on EVERYTHING and really have been good teethers (if there is such a thing!)

We had a fabulous thanksgiving. Unfortunately Josh had to work that day, but my mom and brother rode with me and they were familiar faces and extra hands at the family gatherings for the babies! The babies did awesome though. We went out to lunch and then hung out at my grandma’s, then went on to my mom’s side of the family for the evening. One of my cousins said “I haven’t heard them fuss…is that normal?” And I’m happy to reply that it is normal. They are such happy babies, the fussing is very minimal, the sleep is long through the night, and I don’t think they could be any better! The day involved a lot of travel to all those stops, which meant lots of little naps for the babies, but they just went with the flow! It was great. I have so much to be thankful for this year and was so blessed that I could take the babies to show off and spend the day celebrating with my family. Great-Grandma and her 3 Great-Grandbabies!

My Zachy Turkey

Colby Looking at the big doggie

Did I mention Avery doesn't like boys? (No offense Uncle Mark!)

This weekend was a busy weekend! My friend Kim and her hubby Brian came down on Saturday to visit for the day. Poor Brian wanted nothing more than for Avery to like him, and she just DOESN’T LIKE BOYS!! And is consistent. Last week our friends Geoff and Mandy were over, and Geoff could wave at her across the room, and she would start crying! We still had a great visit with them…complete with a trip to skyline! (which meant the babies got to have bites of oyster crackers! Yum!)
Kim and Colby, Avery and Zachary


On Sunday, we started the day with the Santa Luncheon with my multiples group. It was so much fun to hang out with everyone and see their growing families and share ours with them. Last year we went to the lunch when I was pregnant and it was so much better this year to have the babies with us! They had the ‘real’ Santa and Mrs. Claus, who were wonderful. They were so kind and gentle with the babies. The babies were very excited about all the hair they could grab onto on Santa’s beard! But then Avery realized Santa was a boy, and wasn’t too thrilled.

Finally everyone was looking!!

Then Sunday evening, we met Josh’s family for his dad’s birthday dinner. The babies loved Outback. They had French fries, Sweet Potatoes, Baked Potatoes, and Ice Cream! (I threw in some baby food Pears and Bananas for healthy effect too!) And once you start feeding them, they are worse beggars than Cooper is, and whine and grunt until they get more!

I take a ton of pictures…but now that they are doing more and smiling more they are getting so much cuter! I could easily post 50 on here and still have to sort through to find my favorites!
This is Colby on "dress like daddy day" with his jersey and jeans on!
Here’s Zach about to fall out the front of the swing….totally not relaxed….totally not how this seat is supposed to work. Hopefully we will be migrating nap time to their beds….not sure how much they are going to like that though!

It's been so much fun decorating for Christmas! Here are our stockings all lined up!!

Thier first matching outfits!
(C, Z, A)

Colby sitting up like a big boy!

Mommy with her super-human strength (Josh and i actually had a conversation about this last night....he can't do this as easily as i can, and didn't know why....i decided it's because i have hips and he doesn't!)
to ease my pain i am going to start another blog with the rest of the pictures i wanted to include....stay tuned!


  1. Avery's face when she realized Sanata was male is PRICELESS!!! I love it! :)
    I LOVE YOU TOO! I'm SOOOOO glad I got to come see all of you this weekend! The next trip needs to be planned SOON!

  2. Oh wow they are so lovely and cute!You are so lucky having these babies.You too are gourgeous.All the pics are amazing.God bless you and your kids.Thanks for sharing.