Thursday, December 10, 2009

how do you do it?

The day in the lives of the 3 cutes 8 month olds you've ever seen!
I get a lot of really stupid questions when I’m out with the babies, but one honest question I get over and over, and I think people really do want to know…is “how do you do it?” So in case you were wondering…here’s how I do it.
Between 8-10 Possible early wake up from one or more of the babies. They will be fed a bottle, have their diaper changed, and be put back to bed.
(If someone wakes up between 10-11, they will not have to go back to bed!)
11am-All babies wake up (or are woken up). Anyone who hasn’t had their first bottle will get it now, and everyone else plays on the floor
11:30-The babies are loaded into their table and we eat breakfast….a bowl of oatmeal and fruits (the magic bullet is my new favorite tool…I am making their baby food, and can throw just about anything in and it purees in seconds!)

12:00pm-Everyone gets their faces and hands washed and we get dressed for the day! Then play in equipment so mom and or dad can eat lunch/do dishes/take showers/do laundry/clean/run errands etc.

Between 1-2pm (there’s a range depending on who woke up when…about 4-4.5 hours after their first bottle) 2nd 8oz bottle of the day.

2pm (ish)-Nap time (it’s a really good day when they all go down at the same time….we are working on taking naps in cribs….work in progress, but so far so good)

4pm-Josh goes to work, play time with mommy

6pm ish-3rd 8oz bottle of the day....this is one of the arrangements when i have to feed them by myself....and now if they all fall asleep, they get carried to their beds

6:30-7 until no later than 8-Nap time #2
7:45ish (whenever everyone is up)-Dinner time! Dinner consists of a green and orange veggie with fruit for dessert
8:30-Bath (twice a week) or Jammies
9:00-Story Time! Everyone sits in their bumbo chairs and mommy reads them books! They like the ones that make noise the best, or ones I can do motions to (5 little monkeys)
10:00-4th 8oz bottle (sometimes a little more for Colby) and everyone to bed by 11!

Babies Favorite Foods: Sweet Potatoes, Bananas, Peaches, Harvest Vegetables with mixed grain
Babies Favorite Activities: Putting anything and everything in our mouths, playing Peek-a-boo, rolling around on the floor with mommy and daddy, chewing on teethers/newspaper ads/toys, being held and loved on, getting kisses and hugs

Never a dull moment....but never a bad day!

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  1. Wow so nice and wonderfully you both are managing them to their all needs.Your kids are really very lucky to have you both as parents.Thanks for sharing.Good luck.