Friday, February 12, 2010

what do 10 month olds do?

I know I say it with every turn of the month, but I cannot even begin to believe that in 2 months my babies will be a year old. The nurse at the dr.'s office today even said they are starting to be little toddlers....that's CRAZY! I told her that was not the case....they were my babies, but she reminded me they are mobile, standing up, and eating table that definitely takes the "baby" out of them. Guess it's time to start planning for another one....right honey?? ;)

They are so much fun! Here are some things 10 month olds do:
*Say "Mama"....with the intention of getting my attention!!!!! they know who i am!!!
*They crawl everywhere!!

*Eat everything!! Some of their favorites are pancakes (chocolate chip ones are a huge hit!!), ravioli, bananas, and yogurt. They love to try to feed themselves, and are getting better and better (sorry cooper!). I usually start them with an appetizer of cheerios, puffs, crackers or some other finger food to occupy them while i get the rest of their meal ready....and they love it!
*Avery and Zach can drink from a straw!! We've found that to be much more successful than the regular sippy cups for them. Colby.....well he's still trying to figure out the regular sippy cup...and just has fun making a mess!
*They play....rather than just suck on their toys!! They love the toys where they can "put in" their ball toy and their milk jug with cookies!

*They have Jumping parties!

*They wiggle so much in the bathtub I wonder if i'll ever get to put them all 3 in together!!

*They interact with each other! Just the other day, the boys were crawling down the hallway coming towards each other and were CRACKING UP with each crawl! It was adorable!
*They watch the Super Bowl and grandma and grandpa's house!
*They yell to get attention (especially colby!), try to join in conversations, and love to talk to the things they see out the window
*The climb and pull up on the couch, end tables, gate, and anything else they can get to!
*They give kisses....wet, slimy, wonderful kisses.
*And tons more....I just love watching them grow and learn new things every day!
Since my last "schedule" post, of course 2 weeks later, we changed the schedule again! They had taken horrible naps and were waking up way too early for a few days, so i did some internet research....and found out that if i put them down a little earlier, they'll still wake up at the same time due to their "internal clocks" i tried it, and it worked! So now, here's the schedule: 8-8:30-Wake up, drink a bottle , change diapers (unless you are Zach, his internal clock is set for 6am, but then he drinks a bottle and goes back to sleep...usually on the couch...until 8/8:30....still working on resetting his clock)
10-11-Play time and get dressed
11-1pm-NAP TIME!!!
1pm-wake up (or be woken up), drink a bottle, change diapers
1:30/2-Lunch time
2:30-4-Play time, change diapers
4-6-NAP TIME!!!
6pm-wake up (or be woken up), drink a bottle (sometime the bottle comes before the nap....but if there's an unclaimed one, it gets consumed), change diapers
6:30-Dinner time
7-8:30-Play time, change into jammies8:30-Bottles, and in bed by 9pm!

We had more pictures taken by Tricia on Monday, and they turned out AMAZING!!! I wish I had all the equipment so i could do these myself and print a million of them! I have no idea how to narrow it down to the best pictures when they are all SO cute! Here's the link if you want to see more of them! Here's a preview...

And as if i don't have enough to do, God gave me the cutest little girl in the world, so i have to play dress up with her as much as she'll let me!! Here's a few from our photo shoot last night....old navy was so nice to deliver my package in the middle of all the snow for me to start dreaming about summer!!

And how cute are these little toes?!? They have to grow a lot if they're going to fit in the flip flops though!!!

Oh and before I forget....I mentioned they went to the dr. today.....well here are their latest weights:
Avery:18lbs 12.5oz
Colby:22lbs 2oz
Zachary:19lbs 10.5oz
The boys are both 28 1/4inches tall and Avery is 26 3/4"
They got a special treat on their 10 month birthday (the date is wrong on the picture!)! We were out on a drive before dinner, and I needed a little treat for myself, but couldn't leave them out, so i drove through chick fil a and bought their first kids meal! They shared 2 chicken strips and LOVED them, and i pureed the fruit cup, which was very tasty....the prize was a cd of stories, which we listened to while we ate, and i got to drink the small coke for a little extra boost to help me through the night!! =) Then they had lots of fun playing with all the 'containers' that came in the meal!! It was the perfect end to our 10 month birthday celebration! Happy birthday my little toddlers! I love you!!



  2. Oh, Kara...they are getting soo big!! That is very hard to believe that they will be 1 in just a couple months. I love those pictures, and the painted toenails are too cute!!! We need to chat again soon :)