Tuesday, March 2, 2010

where is the time going??

I feel like we are in fast-forward mode! I can't believe my last post was about 10 month olds, when next week they will be 11 months!!

Since my last post, we all had colds..miserable, snotty colds. Which means not a lot of sleep, a lot of gross tissues, and clingy babies (won't complain about the last one though!). Avery actually ended up with croup...which the dr. said was her body's way of dealing with the cold. She had a very hoarse voice and sounded pathetic and cute all at once! She didn't have it bad enough to require a steroid shot, so the dr. said the best thing we could do was sit outside with her for 20 minutes at a time and let her breathe in the cold air. This is my "mom of the year" picture....i was sure one of the neighbors would see her and children's services would be knocking at my door!

The next day we went on a walk...still got some weird looks...b/c it was by no means warms outside, but it was much more comfortable (at least for me) to be walking instead of sitting still on the back porch! Her croup only lasted a few days, and never got much worse...thank goodness!
I love this next picture because i LOVE the jammies Avery is wearing, and you can really see how much they love standing up and looking out the window! =) They've had fun watching the snow, the snow plows, watching us shovel the driveway, and watching the garbage trucks!

We tried a second round of playing in the snow (after i'd shoveled the driveway....josh had already shoveled it 3 times, so i took a turn.....SO done with all this snow!) But this time it didn't go over nearly as well....they were not impressed or interested...

We had our first triplet play date this month too! My friend Stacie and her boys....7 month old triplets and a 3 year old...and her hubby all came over for dinner! As Josh described it, "our floor was crawling". The babies were great! They're used to being around other babies all day, so it was just new faces to get used to! This is Colby checkin out Austin...."hmmm...are you my brother??"

Now that they can easily get up and down, NOTHING IS SAFE around here! The babies are contained to our family room and part of the dining room, but still find things (the remote, cell phones, wipes boxes etc) that we put up...where we think is out of reach, but really isn't. Here are the boys at grandma and grandpa's house...the picture frame was a hot item....and the lamp only was pushed/pulled/knocked off the table 5/6 times!

When you have 3 babies, it's all about doing head counts. When we go places where people might be holding the babies, or go to a place they can crawl around, the best way to keep track and have instant reassurance they are accounted for is doing head counts....1-2-3....breath of relief. Well the other night, i was getting ready to give them baths while josh was at work. i had just taken the lotion, diapers, and brush back to the bedroom, and came back in to the family room. I did a quick head count....1-2-where's colby? I looked around the corner into the accessible part of the dining room, and he wasn't there either...then i saw this...
His whole self was behind the chair! I think he thought he found a secret passage out of the family room...but turns out he couldn't get through...and was stuck.
These days it is nearly impossible to change them without a fight. Josh's line to Colby the other day when he was getting him changed and dressed was "some day, you will probably be bigger than me, but right now i am bigger than you, and i WILL win!" Toys to distract don't work, singing a song doesn't work...they just will not lay still!!! And sometimes we just give up!.
And if they won't lay still to get changed, they surely won't sit still all together for a picture. I have to get creative with how i can get a group shot!
Such cute faces!!!

Not as happy faces as the last one, but at least they were all in one frame!!

As of the end of last week...Zach suprised me with the first sign of a top tooth...colby was right after him and Avery a few days after. The bottom teeth slid right in without much to-do...but top teeth are NO FUN....and to know that we still have the rest of the mouth full to go is not reassuring right now!! Love my babies and the extra snuggles though!!


  1. They are so cute and you look amazing!!!

  2. What adorable babies! Great family pictures- especially of the portraits from the last blog. Classics. I'm so glad I didn't have to choose the favorites!

  3. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who has lost her child in her own house! I was watching something on tv and Zach went all the way behind the couch. You really feel like an idiot running around, calling your baby's name in your own house! Fun times :)