Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pictures are worth 1,000 words

i try to make sure i have my camera with me (or my cell phone) at all times so i don't miss a thing. i know someday, life will slow down a little and i will be able to look back on all our memories and fun times (but for now i have 2 full photo boxes of unorganized pictures=) there aren't any huge stories from this week...(other than a bird landing on my head as i was trying to be a good citizen and release timmy the turtle at the park...apparently the bird didn't like that idea!)...so just enjoy the pics and thier captions!

LOVE this picture of daddy and his boys!

This was our fun family trip to krogers on saturday night! Since josh was with me, it was no problem to get the kids in the store and in the cart....not sure how i'm supposed to do it solo though...think if i call ahead they'll meet me outside with the cart??

this is after our weekend morning walk with hadley and erin! the babies had so much fun just crawling around in the van! thank goodness for stow and go seats!!

the boys and the "illegal" remote. They have a whole box of remotes for them...but know exactly which one they aren't allowed to have! and zach even knows how to point it right at the tv and watch it change!

we went to jungle jims with my mom and brother, so each baby got their own cart! they are all doing "Soooo big!" =) it was fun until the end when they were ready to go! we ditched a shopping cart and they got carried the rest of the way! i was def. sore the next day!

this is how avery and i got our cart to the car.....she LOVED pushing it!!

one of our fun outdoor options....saw this shaded tarp and had to have it!! and the babies appreciate not having to crawl on the itchy grass!
we tried out our pool for the first time yesterday! it was so cute and so much fun. they loved that they could get in and out by themselves! we will be spending many summer days out in the water!!

...my studs

colby and avery LOVED splashing. they were cracking up at eachother!

avery's piggie tails!

i gave the babies each a bowl and cooking utensil after dinner one night....avery and colby immediately sat down and acted like they were mixing! and zach ditched his and went to play with his toys. guess he's not going to be the chef for the family!

avery snugglin with cooper

My mom celebrated her birthday on May 20th...and we helped!! The babies were very happy to help her open her present!
then we went to dinner at carrabbas! the babies did great! zach was eating ceasar salad! they loved the bread...and enjoyed their noodles and chicken fingers too! and they all finished their meals with the lemon from our water glasses =)

and here is mamaw and her grandbabies...

hangin out at a birthday party for josh's cousin's sons....

avery wearing mommy's jewels

papaw and colby

zach telling grandpa that he's "SOOOOOOO big!"
we had a quick visit from one of my triplet mom friends and her beautiful triplet girls! colby was really excited to see them and gave them all kisses as soon as they got here!

and here we all are lined up on the couch!

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