Friday, June 11, 2010

ugh! my kids are so cute!!

Not that cute kids is a bad thing....but it makes it so hard to pick what pictures to upload when they are ALL soooo cute!!
On a good day, we will try to sit down as a group to read books...sometimes inside, sometimes outside...but wherever we read, they are usually too busy to get through a whole book or more. So when picking out books i have a method to my madness..."Moo, Baa, Lalala" is their favorite, so that one is usually in the mix....then we need at least one with sound, and maybe a third that i can either sing along to or do motions to (5 little monkeys is and has been the biggest hit around or no book!) Then, when we're finished reading together, i pass the books out for them to read. They have a book basket of their own books (that they try to eat), so i give them the ones we read to look at as a special treat =)
I just LOVE watching them read books!

All three of them continue to develop more and more personality every day. They are SO funny! The other night, I was watching Avery as I was getting the boys' jammies on, she was trying to hard to get her outfit in the car's hood. She worked at it and worked at it...and this is how i found it after i put them to bed when i was cleaning up....

Can you say cute??

On Memorial Day we had an inpromptu cook out! Aunt Jamie came and got lots of snuggles...
and it was also Uncle Alex's birthday, so another fun night out to dinner and lots of helpers to open his presents!

(and did i mention more cake!?)
I'm not sure what prompted the next few pictures....maybe just their rediculous amount of cuteness!?

Last Saturday, we met one of my friends to do a 5K for a friend of her family's who's 2 month old daughter just received a heart transplant. (Please keep Mya in your far she is doing great and even suprising the doctors!) Typically our walks are uneventful. The kids hang out and look around....and sometimes eat a lot of snacks....but this time Zach was just not having it. He was beside himself....just SO sad. We couldn't do anything but keep truckin' along to get back to the finish finally a pretzel rod did the trick and he settled down for the rest of the ride. (Once we got home, i think i figured out what his deal was...he had a dirty diaper within seconds of being home....poor boy has the same fear of pooing in public as his mama!) This was the official finish line picture, which was a BIG deal for little Zachy!

Then later Saturday night, we went to a graduation party...and looked really cute all dressed up...but didn't really want to sit still to prove it!

And before daddy left for work...Colby had to try on his boots! (and you can finally see some of sissy's cuteness in the background!)

One last ditch attempt to show you how cute she looked!

Since the babies are getting bigger and are more mobile (All 3 official walkers as of last weekend!), we have been getting more creative with thier's a shot of them playing in their tent! They love it! But sometimes forget to go in the opening...and end up trying to crash through the side!

One of the most fun things we did this week was make the deck baby proof! We put a plastic mesh liner around the railing (so they can't fall through!) and a gate at the top of the steps! So now it's like one big play pen! These next few shots are of their new found freedom! They were so funny....they just ran in circles exploring their new space!!

And the most fun toy on the porch of course is the doggy door....not sure this is exactly what we want to teach them...but they did think it was very funny!

Another fun porch game is playing with Bubbles! We have an awesome bubble blower (battery powered!) that just shoots them out everywhere!! (and mommy isn't light headed at the end!!)

and of course snack time is much easier and fun!

I tried to be fancy and get some close ups....i LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of Zach...might be my favorite pic of him EVER!

just look at his eyelashes!

More fun playing outside in the watertable and on the slide!

The babies LOVE playing in their watertable, LOVE playing in their baby pool, LOVE taking baths, LOVE playing in buckets of water (when i don't feel like dragging out the pool or watertable!), so i figured they would LOVE going to swim in a big pool too. WRONG! To help my teacher friends celebrate their first day of summer...we met them at the pool! Here is a pic of the happiest they were all day...
One of the coolest things was a man that was leaving swim team practice that stopped and said "i remember this stroller"...and as i scanned around him, there were 3 girls that were exactly the same height, with exactly the same hair color and cut, and exactly the same suit (well it was swim team...but that only added to it!) that were probably 12 years old! I think it's so fun to see triplets that are grown up. We made small talk and then we went into the pool.
That's where it all started to go down hill. I have to admit, i kind of set them up for failure because it was getting really close to nap time when we went to meet them, but i thought they would be distracted by all the fun water that they'd just stick it out a little longer! WRONG AGAIN!
First, after spending 45 minutes blowing up their floaties yesterday, we tried the big pool. Colby went in first...he screamed. Avery went in second....she screamed. Then Zach went in third....and he screamed too. fail. So we moved over to the baby pool area. But by that time, they were wet with cold water, and didn't really want anything to do with the baby pool. Finally after some help from some wonderful friends, they settled down enough to play in the makeshift pool i made out of our bucket.
Shortly after this picture was taken, i changed them all, loaded them back in the stroller, and we headed for home. They passed out within seconds! I was soaked....but the funny thing is i wasn't even in the pool! It was SOOO hot! Hope they appreciated all i did for them today! (just for them to be miserable!) Don't think this is going to stop me from taking them to the pool though. Hopefully in a few weeks the water will warm up a little and we will try again!! (maybe after naps this time!)
After we got home, they all took turn bringing daddy books to read to them. HOW PRECIOUS??

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I will keep trying to be a better blogger. I keep telling myself if i update more my posts won't have to be so long, but it just hasn't been working out! Hope everyone out there in cyber land is enjoying their summer!!

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