Thursday, June 17, 2010


So teething is not fun with 3 babies. BUT, it is still exciting when a new tooth comes in (regardless of the countless sleepless nights, crabbiness, drama etc). My mom found Avery's first tooth when it came in, but since then, i have been the one to find tooth numbers 2-23 as they entered a mouth. Sometimes it would be noteworthy enough to go wake up josh to tell him, and to send a few text messages out to family and friends celebrating a momentous tooth, and other times i would write in on my "list of big events in the babies lives" (no babybooks yet), and that would be it.

At this point, Avery has 8 big teeth. Big as in all the way grown in. The boys have both cut their front 4 which are also "big", but the side 4 are either just cut through the gum or still "little". Tooth count as of this morning (so i thought) was Avery:8, Colby:8, and Zach:7. Well at lunch today, Colby was fussing a little bit about the speed of my lunch preparation, and Josh was sitting with them. As Colby let out a scream and tipped his head back...Josh saw TOOTH #24 of the babies...and tooth discovery #1 for Josh! And not just any tooth, this is Colby's (and any of the babies) first molar! He has been a little more dramatic than usual and has been having a hard time fall asleep at night, but the biggest symptom (that i wasn't attributing to teething until now) was "loose stools" (YUCK!) So now i at least know the excuse for all of this!! Don't know if there's anything more exciting he'll get to eat now, but at least it will be easier to chew! =)

So now of this afternoon, Tooth count is: Colby:9, Avery:8, and Zach:7.

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