Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor Day 2010 and Another triplet play date...and the rest of September

Just for the record, I started uploading these pictures about 3 weeks ago...if not more. But haven't gotten around to adding any words to the post!
We got to spend a wonderful day together with Josh's family on Labor Day. We took the kids to the park and had one on one coverage for the babies...which made life SO MUCH easier!!! They had so much fun running around and playing on the playground!

We made the trek to Kentucky to visit some of our Triplet friends!
This was the best we could do for a group shot....can you find all 11 kids??

Once we hit this point.......we decided to head home!

One of the most exciting things we got to do in September was go to Good Sam's NICU reunion. We got to visit with some of our nurses that took care of the babies and show off how big they are and how well they are doing!
Here is a very proud mama with her beautiful babies...

These are 2 of my bestest triplet mama friends. We all delivered in 2009 and have been supporting each other since we met!!
Angela has triplet girls and 2 big boys (4 and 6) and is an absolute saint and inspiration to me.
Jenny and I clicked from the second we met. We have grown as friends and mommies and she is an amazing person!!
Here are most of Jenny, Angela and my kiddos together...except i think jenny's wagon is being taken over by some of our other triplet friends!! =) It's so much fun knowing our kids will grow up together and really understand the 'triplet' life with each other.

We had another triplet get-together called "Tailgate and Playdate"
We had to throw the "tailgate" part in there so we could get the dads to join us too!!
Liz, our host, just moved in to a beautiful house, and there was lots of room for the kids to run around and play. My three found a corner they could sit and hide with their bags of goldfish crackers!
And we even had a chance to take a family picture!!

This was as close to a group shot we got at the tailgate/playdate...Angela passing out crackers...the babies flocked to her like ducks!

Another fun thing we started is on Thursdays one of my friends with 2 1/2 year old Quads is a single-mom-for-the-night (AKA her husband works nights too), just like me, so we decided to do a standing weekly playdate/dinner date! We are 3 weeks in and have rotated houses and dinner prep! It's so nice to have a night off of cooking and knowing that the kids are going to have fun playing with their 'friends'....and knowing i get to have some fun mommy time too!!
Here's what our dining room looks like with 7 kids!!

We have been enjoing the beautiful weather too!! We had a picnic down in the yard, and have been having a great time playing in our new sand table....with BLUE sand!!!! They've all tasted it, and the only one who went back for more was Avery....YUCK! We also got new swings for the swingset for Avery and Colby (Zach still hates swinging) and they LOVE them!

The latest development with the little guys is their every growing and developing vocabulary!!! They are talking! And it's adorable!!! To start out with, the boys talked the most first, but now, Avery is like a little parrot, and trying to say anything we tell her! Her favorite is "no, no, no" (with lots of sassy-ness!) and the boy's standing favorite is "Hi". I decided they should be greeters at walmart...and help us make some $$!! They are so cute and so funny and make me smile a thousand times a day!! Can't wait to tell you about our picnic we had tonight....but had to catch you up on september first!!!

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