Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Picnic

We had to run an errand tonight, of course right at dinner time, so instead of dividing and conquering (Josh stays home and feeds the babies and i go out...or vice versa) I packed dinner up and we all went together! We stopped at a park for dinner...and had a BLAST! Pretty much as soon as we "sat" (by sat i mean josh and i sat down on the blanket while the kids ran around and stepped on their food) down, 2 ducks must have smelled us coming. And once the kids saw them, they were in trouble! Avery chased one duck around waving at it and yelling "HI!" And the first thing Zach did when he saw it was made and "Elephant" noise...i guess looking at elephants in pictures makes them look about the size of ducks!....we'll have to work on that one! Then Zach ran after one and was talking to the duck in a language we couldn't understand....but i think he was explaining that the pieces of bread that Josh was throwing to it were going to be shared between the ducks and the babies....b/c that's exactly what happened. They all took turns (kids and ducks) eating the bread out of the grass. We didn't stay too long (hate that it's getting cold and dark so early!), but had tons of fun in the short time we were there!

This is when Zach was talking to them! Wish you could have heard was hilarious! Maybe with a little bit of a french accent??

Here's Avery eating some bread...good thing the ducks were good share-ers

Left the hubby in charge of taking a pic of our picnic, and this is how it turned with a freaky looking hand, and one child completely hidden by another...owell...we were at least all in the same place right?!

The ducks were not scared of us at all!! Just a little intimidated when the babies started chasing them...throught for a second they were going to come sit down on the blanket with us!! =)

Dinner Breakdown: Avery: A few bites of bread, some grass, and a bag of vanilla wafers she wouldn't give up on the way home. Colby: A few bites of his sandwich, and a vanilla wafer or 2 Avery passed to him in the car, Zach: A few bites of bread, some grass....he sits infront of avery, so no wafers =( Ducks:2 slices of cheese (who knew ducks ate cheese!?), and about 3 slices of bread, Cooper: (after we got home and were cleaning out the bags) 1/2 a piece of meatloaf! VERY Nutritional when you go to the park for dinner!

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