Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all had a great day! We sure did! We went to my moms and met all our family on all sides for a huge lunch then ran around mamaw's house like crazy kids the rest of the day!

We played her piano too!!

We had a wonderful visit with our families and were so happy to not have to make 3-5 stops with 3-1 1/2 yr olds!
Friday is kind of a blur...I left at 10:15pm Thursday night to start my Black Friday shopping...and was home by 7:30am to get up with the kiddos! Needless to say, i got tons of good deals and had a blast shopping with 2 of my fellow triplet mama's and great friends...but was EXHAUSTED!!

Saturday we relaxed and watched OSU beat Michigan..."yay" as the kids say!

Then we suprised them Sunday with a "pretty tree" in the family room when they woke up from naps.
Here's how it started...
Too hard to resist!
Little Lynus had a rough wake up from his nap, so he missed out on the low ornaments...but he now goes after the garland on the gate =)

And here's what it looks like tonight....notice the ornaments have moved up the tree to create a foot of clearance above the gate!?
And tonight...we took advantage of the great weather and went to the Festival Of Lights at the Zoo!
Getting ready to go in...Colby practicing his 'elephant' impression.
Started with a pit stop for daddy...sissy is saying "dada??"
Ahh...Daddy's he is with the babies in the "pretty lights"

and again on the candycane trail...

We had dinner while watching the puppet show...

We met a penguin and gave him high 5's

We rode the merry go round for the first time...(not mommy's best side)
and all ended up riding on the bench...good planning on our part to pick the animals right in front of the bench!!

We met frosty the snowman...

And Santa's reindeer...

And you guessed it...paid a rediculous amount of money for our beautiful family pic with santa...i mean....We Saw The Man HIMSELF....SANTA!!!!

(Avery screamed and clung to me like glue when i tried to put her on his lap...and clearly the boys didn't like him either...but afterwards, they got a candy cane and all said "hi" to him...progress)
Got a family pic taken by the big tree...

And ended our night with their favorite animal at the zoo...
and wore one little girl out!

(and her mommy and daddy too! Goodnight!)

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