Sunday, November 21, 2010

the past month...

so i am totally failing as a blogger...but wanted to let you know what (who) has been keeping me so busy in the past month!!

Lots of fall the pumkin farm....

back to Garver Farms again...last year's pic...

this year's pic...

(is this really possible?! i cannot believe it has been a year since we were there last!!)

Halloween Morning...

Halloween evening, ready for trick or treating!!

Our triplet friend's birthday party. This was the "baby play area" this pic are my 3 friends, and most of their 4 families pictured...missing 3 siblings....that's a lot of kids!!

Lunch before the party at cracker barrell!

My sweet 19 month olds!! (they are sitting on the roof of their pirate i was trying to hold on tight...and no i don't have a mullett....the light is doing something funky to my hair!)

Going on walks...even though it's getting a little chilly, we have very cute winter gear to show off!

and the best part of this post....we've been practicing our dance moves...

avery's favorite dance partner is really colby, but he just isn't really into dancing with her!! we're working on that though!


we have so much to be thankful for this year! topping the list are 3 healthy, happy, adorable toddlers....and much much more follows! happy thanksgiving everyone!

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