Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm semi-normal!!

This week (and by week, i mean the past 3 days that josh has been at work), i feel like we finally have things a little bit figured out around here without him. The babies and i have had lots of fun hanging out, we survived solo-mom bath night, worked out a new way to prop the bottles to feed the babies when they all want to eat at the same time, and my hands-free pump finally arrived...which is a lifesaver when there is a 1:3 ratio of mom to babies!
Bottle Propping with stuffed animals

Bottle propping with Colby's head helping out Zach

As we start to get in the hang of things, each new event is one thing more i can do with them that makes me feel semi-normal. I used the sling a few times this week when there was a fussy baby and i had other things that needed done-this week is was Colby both times, but he got to hang out in the sling while i washed dishes, did my hair and made lunch (all 3 separate occasions). I bought a cheap-o table with an umbrella for the back porch so i can sit outside with the babies without blinding them, and the biggest accomplishment was tonight...Shel and I met at Abuelos for dinner (hopefully enough spicy food to send her into labor) with all 3 babies!! It went great. The babies were awesome...even Avery who tried to skip her feeding before we left! We were obviously a sight to see...3 baby seats, one mom with a huge diaper bag, and one soon to be mom who is 9 months pregnant. We got a few comments, a few stares, but nothing too much that would keep me from doing it again!! I'm not sure what my next adventure is going to be...but so far so good!!!




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  1. You ROCK!! Way to go and get out and about by yourself with the kiddos!

    The more you do it, the easier it gets!!