Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"update the blog!"

so while josh is in the kitchen doing an absurd amount of dishes, making formula, and 2/3 babies are asleep, and i could be very productive in helping him or doing things around the house, the only thing i was told to do was to "update the blog"!!! so here we go...

The babies turned 2 months old June 10th (even though adjusted they were only +6 days!) My friend Kristie was in town, and came over to celebrate their 2nd month with an adorable heart shaped cake! They loved it!! =) (and so did i!!)
in the past few weeks, a common question i get is 'how much do they weigh now?' well, we don't have a scale at home that is very accurate, so i always just based it on what they weighed at their last dr. appt on june 5th and added a little bit and estimated the boys were in the 8's and Avery was in the upper 7's.....and i found out i'm not a good judge of weight. zach went to the plastic surgeon yesterday to have a consultation for the removal of his skin tag (which will be taking place july 8th), and got weighed....NINE POUNDS AND FOUR OUNCES!!! holy cow! so here in the next few weeks we will have outgrown the newborn size diapers, and most of the newborn size clothes! that's crazy! time is going by WAY too fast!!

here are the babies after their baths last week in their adorable pj's from my friend lindsey! obviously, if they are growing that fast, they are eating a lot too! Colby's high is 5ml's under 6 ounces!! We are going to outgrow the little bottles before we know it!! They take their paci's well between meals if they get fussy, but this is the result of zach loosing his paci, and me not getting it back in his mouth fast enough!! (this will be good blackmail when he gets older!!)
and we also have had more 'awake time' during the day. our days and nights aren't completely reversed anymore! they enjoy laying on their toy mat and even don't complain when we flip them over for some tummy time!

this past weekend we had lots of fun celebrating Josh's first Father's day. As my mom pointed out, last year on father's day, who would have ever guessed we would be where we are today! last week, josh worked a crazy schedule, so i didn't have much time to get to the store, so i had to improvise a little. we started out the day by giving him his new shirt from the babies that says "dad of triplets, that's right, i'm the man" =) and by surprising him with the babies new shirts

We went to my mom's for a wonderful lunch (again cooked by chef alex), and this time, the babies got to meet their great grandpa! when we got home, we had a little photo shoot to show off the babies shirts and to take pics with their daddy!

like father, like son
and this isn't the only time i've found him snuggled up with the babies. he LOVES to cuddle with them, and they LOVE to cuddle with their daddy. if they're fussy, all he has to do is lay them on his chest or snuggle up next to them and they are perfectly content!
also, a really good thing has started happening....a 5 hour stretch between feedings over night!!! while that doesn't mean 5 hours of sleep in a row yet, it does mean 3.5 or 4 (depending if i'm home alone or not!) in a row! the babies still sleep a lot between feedings...but the boys get very wiggly in the mornings and this is how i found Colby the other day when he woke up...

notice the sleep positioners are going vertically and Colby is horizontally...not quite how it is supposed to work!!
and in closing....here are a few more adorable pics of my babies!!

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