Friday, July 3, 2009

i've got big babies!!


So just to refresh...12 weeks ago at birth, Zach was the smallest at 3lbs.4oz, then Avery at 3lbs.6oz, and Colby at 3lbs.11oz. Today we went for their 3 month check up. Now, Avery is the smallest at NINE POUNDS TWO OUNCES, then Zach at NINE POUNDS FIFTEEN AND A HALF OUNCES and Colby at TEN POUNDS TWO OUNCES!!!! They even made the growth chart for their age in both height and weight!!! (at 2nd and 3rd%ile!) So i guess it makes sense that we no longer wear newborn size diapers or clothes!!

They really enjoy tummy time and are getting really strong! Here are a few examples! I haven't caught Zach in action, but the nurse warned us yesterday that he is very strong and wiggly and we shouldn't leave him unattended b/c who knows where he'll end up!

We've also been getting out of the house a little more...sometimes with all 3 babies, sometimes 2 and sometimes one!All of us at the park for Mamaw's band concert

Avery at Target

Zach at Kroger

We even took our first trip to Tipp City to see grandma and grandpa! Here's a pic of Colby watching the race with his grandpa!

One of their new favorites is being "fan dorks". They are so intrigued-moving or not-and stare...and stare....and stare. Good thing we have fans in just about every room of the house!

Also, this week we got to meet a new friend and another new friend was born! Michelle finally had baby Isabella Marie on sunday the 28th. I went and spent the day at the hospital with her on Monday, so josh and the babies were home alone! Mid afternoon i got a text message of my adorable babies that daddy had gotten dressed and ready for the day. He's such a great daddy! (He even put Avery's headband on!!!)

And here's Jackie and her baby Zach (Sitting next to my baby Zach!!) when they came to visit. He was born 2 weeks after my babies, and we're working on catching up to him size-wise...but not too far behind!

Someday, i'm going to have to print an organize the thousands of pictures i take...but for now, i'll just post them on here for everyone to oogle!!

Can you read her shirt?

What about theirs?

Also, just incase we don't post between now and then...this Wednesday the 8th, Zach is getting his skin tag removed off of his neck. (you can see it right above the edge of the blanket). A plastic surgeon is going to perform the minor surgery, and doesn't anticipate any complications. They recommend getting it off just to make sure there's nothing below the skin that we can't see that could cause problems down the road. 95% of the cases do not have anything below the skin, so we're hoping to be in that category! And even if there is, they will be able to take care of it during this procedure! Say prayers for a quick procedure with no complications and quick recovery!

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