Tuesday, July 21, 2009


From the title, you can probably guess this is Josh writing. I know I haven't posted an update for a while but Kara has been doing a heck of a job keeping everyone updated. I apologize for not updating but life has kind of returned to normal (if there is such a thing). As you saw from the last post we are now able to go out to a nice dinner and take the kids along. We have taken the kids to a couple parks for outdoor concerts and they have even been to the mall. So we havent' had as much time to sit at the computer and update the blog as we did before.

I know some of you that read this are parents of triplets or quads so this doesn't apply to you. For all of you that don't have multiples let me give you a piece of advise. If you find yourself walking through the mall, grocery store, or even Bass Pro shop and see someone walking with a triplet stroller, DON'T...I repeat DO NOT go running after it like a luney toon screaming STOP STOP...TRIPLETS?!?! IS THAT TRIPLETS?!?!

Yes that actually happened today at the Tri County mall. The trip started off innocently enough. We got a few comments, a lot of looks and even the regular questions (did you plan for trips, do triplets run in your family, did you try for triplets etc.) Then the lady of the day. Kara was in the changing room at Macy's and Avery was fussy because the stroller sat idle for all of about 4 seconds. As long as the wheels on the stroller are moving the babies stay content. So because Avery was fussy I was trying to keep the stroller moving. As I am walking down an isle I hear a lady start yelling "STOP", not knowing she was yelling at me but I knew she was yelling in my direction. Naturally I ignore her and keep walking. All of a sudden I see an older lady (who with her screaming blue shirt and shoes looked like an overstuffed blueberry) run towards me and stop directly in the path of the stroller cutting me of. She then exclaims (TRIPLETS!! Really TRIPLETS!?!?! I have never seen triplets before! UGH, had we been standing at the top of an escalator bank, I may have just shoved her down them. Not only for making a scene but as soon as the wheels stopped, Avery and Zach both melted and started crying. I started to imagine squashing blueberry's between my thumb and finger. I bit my tongue though and was trying to be outwardly pleasant with a hint of subtle disgust. After she oogled and slobbered for a few moments she returned to her own little world of shopping not even realizing what trauma she had just put my little ones though by making the wheels stop turning.

The moral of the story.....Look from a distance but never get in the path of the stroller, you might get squashed.

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