Wednesday, July 8, 2009

zach is still tagged!

So after getting 3 hours of sleep last night (in 3 separate 'stretches'), making sure to wake zach up when he was allowed to eat and forcing food down his throat, changing his clothes so he was ready to go, waking up an equally as sleepy daddy, and packing up all our bags, we made it to Children's hospital by 10:15 this morning. (keep in mind i'm not usually out of bet until 11:30 or so!)
Everything seemed to be on time, we had nurses in and out getting his vitals and getting us set up in the room and taking down all our information...then the nurse anesthesis came in and went through her routine. about 1/2 way through, she said "you're here for an outpatient procedure right?", and i replied "yes". She did some calculations, and said that anestheology's policy is that if a baby's real age (adding gestational weeks to age...32+12 in our case) is less than 60 weeks, they have to stay over night to be monitored and observed due to the higher risk of complications with being put to sleep. WAIT A SECOND HERE!! Josh and i were under the impression that it was a quick, harmless procedure, we would be home this afternoon, and we weren't imposing any unnecessary risks to our baby. But then we had to make a we go on with the procedure and make arrangements for one of us to spend the night with him at the hospital, or wait until he's past the 60 week mark and do it then. Our surgeon came in and said either way would be fine-he hadn't ever seen any complications come out of the cases he'd done for babies under 60 weeks, but it wouldn't hurt him to wait either-since there were no signs of the skin tag bothering him or causing any problems. I hate making these kind of decisions! Josh hates making these kind of decisions and left it at "i'm fine with either option". I felt the pressure of being mom! but i also felt the role of being mom-keeping your babies safe, and was not willing to risk complications-even if the chance was slim-for something that wasn't urgent to get off.
So we're home, tired, and Zach still has his skin tag....but doesn't know any difference-just got some extra Q.T. with mom and dad.

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  1. You all are just so cute - please tell me you're writing a book!