Friday, April 23, 2010

adjusting to one year olds

My kitchen is getting a makeover....the crock pot that used to keep water warm all day to quickly warm bottles for 3 anxiously waiting babies is clean and put away OFF my counter....the bottles that my babies used to drink from (12 a day to be exact) are all washed and put away OFF my counter in the cabinet (we now only use 3 a day...which is only ONE bottle feeding before bed!)....the blender that we used (to make formula) and washed daily (which i hated to do!) is now getting a rest....the pitcher that used to keep a days worth of formula is put away....the left side of the sink is nearly empty, not full of bottles waiting to be washed....while we still don't have much counter space....we are regaining just a little bit of it!

The mini van looks a little different too! All 3 babies are now in their forward facing car seats!! They even got to watch their first movie in the car last night!! At all times, we keep the pack and play and a double and single stroller in the car....and when we go out solo...the runabout fits in right next to colby!!
...yep...this big ole thing fits in the van too!!

And although we LOVED using the boppy pillows...

i thought it was time to move on to more of a "big kid" type of pillow (not that i'm admitting they are big kids at all....). So mamaw got them bean bags!! This was our first time trying them out!! They are so cute and look so comfy sitting in them!!
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The babies have been SOOO funny lately too! Here are a few pics and stories to go with them!
Avery.......while she looks like she's just cracking up....this is the face she makes during her "fake laugh". She and josh were going back and forth the other day, and the one eye gets squinty and she makes a laughy like sound come out...but totally fake!
We all know Avery is the thinker of the group. She's coming out of her shell...but still in new places or with new people, she needs a little time to take everything in and decide whether it is ok or not. Well we were having dinner on the deck...and i decided to let them "use" a spoon. But they also and been eating pretzel sticks, and since she had something in each hand she couldn't figure out how to eat her food! She was trying to pick up a bite while still holding the spoon, just trying to reach around it ,but it was failing miserably. But watch out if i tried to take one of the two out of her hands!!

This is what my little cutie looked like before nap time...when i went in to get her...there was a pile on the floor next to her crib...the bow, the rubber band and both socks. Guess she wasn't feeling like accessorizing that day!!

Colby....First off...COLBY IS WALKING!!! Not 100% of the time yet, but as long as there aren't any obstacles in his way (which is rarely), he can make it all the way across the room!!!

Here's what happens if his pants aren't tied tight enough!! oops!

I couldn't find a picture of it, so this was close enough...but when colby holds his own bottle, he pulls it in and out of his mouth, just playing with it. But when he puts it in his mouth and starts to suck...he says "wiggle wiggle wiggle" and it's so funny.
Colby also has a fake laugh. Most days after breakfast, when i am still cleaning up their table and the floor, Colby gets a burst of energy. I think it's partly because the room is still pretty clean, but he "run crawls" after zach and fake laughs the whole way. then if it's a good play session, zach will look at him, and they'll both take off to the other side of the room. it's soooo cute to see them interact! i have been trying to catch it on video on my cell phone so i can put it on here....but haven't had luck yet.....i won't give up though!

This was probably one of the cutest moments of my life. One night before bed, avery and colby had both pulled up to standing holding on to me. I gave them both kisses back and forth a few times and they were giggling....then i said "give sissy kisses"....and he leaned right in. They did it over and over and just giggled and giggled. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

We all know the big boy likes to eat....but this just got a little silly! you can see the outline of his fingers on his forehead! He's so goofy! and he LOVES to sing "Five little monkeys"....which might be why his hand was hitting his head!!

Zach...Poor guy was the first (and hopefully last) of the 3 to get roseola....a high fever followed by a rash. Well the high fever coincidentally started the same day he got his 12 month I wrote it off as a bad reaction....but turns out they were unrelated and when we went back to the dr (after 2 nights of very little sleep) he had a that explained the fever and bad nights! I had to take all 3 kids to the dr. by myself...and Zach was the only 'free' one, as avery and colby sat in the double stroller....he loved the extra attention!!

Zach also likes to find new places to go. This is the second time he's ended up in this position...both times when mamaw was at our house playing with them!

He's also discovered that the cabinets under the TV open (i tried to avoid showing them that they open!)....and that he fits right in!
He's the only one in the group that doesn't do "so big", but when you help him do it....he thinks it is so fun!

Here they all are playing with their favorite toys....remotes and cell phones. (these are sesame street ones....not quite as cool as the real thing...but it works)

And I thought it was amazing that they were all sitting together! They sometimes glance at the i make sure it has fun shows for them to watch! Usually they are too busy to even notice it's on though!

Here they all are on the porch trying to figure out how to use their spoons!! So much fun!!

We are going to (hopefully) be walking in the March for Babies this Sunday! The event is rain or shine...but i can't imagine being there with all 3 babies and being miserable in the pray for nice weather! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us! and it's not too late if you haven't yet!!

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