Friday, April 16, 2010

birthday weekend!

We had a fabulous first birthday weekend with the babies. Despite their mom's stress level being at *high* for most of the week getting every last detail wrapped up for the party, we had a fun week with lots of visitors leading up to thier big day!

On Saturday morning, the babies had a special treat for breakfast....sprinkle donuts from daddy! They were very much big fans of donuts but they all had very different approaches to eating thier donut. Avery very carefully picked each sprinkle off one by one, Colby devoured it and smashed it and tried to cram the whole thing in his mouth, and Zach sucked the chocolate off the top...and didn't care too much for the cakey part.

We hung out for the morning, and i just stared in disbelief that a whole year has gone by, and i tried to remember all the details of what went on a year ago, and couldn't even remember what my life was like before the babies. It was such a long, heart-breaking, discouraging journey to even get pregnant....and that's all a distant memory too (except i'm glad that one is, and sad that i can't remember every second of my babies first year). We took our regularly scheduled naps, and then I made a favorite for! They ate, then got to open presents from mommy and daddy, played some more then we got in wedding mode!

New teeter totter for 3!

The babies were real troopers for the rest of the day (they must have known they were a year old and that's how big kids act!) We completely threw their schedule out the window..but they went with it! We fed them a snack of applesauce and corn before going into the church.....then no dinner until 8....but it worked and they went with it, so no complaints! They were the cutest things i have ever seen in their tuxes and beautiful hand made dress (by my mom!). They rode down the aisle in the wagon, just like we wanted, and even cooperated for pictures after the ceremony! We got to the reception and ate dinner....and that was about all the excitement they could handle...but just when we thought the excitement was over, we were suprised with birthday cakes and the happy birthday song in the middle of the reception!!! It was so sweet! Unfortunately, we had to tell colby about it the next day because he slept through it, but Zach was very into it and plopped his hand right in the middle of the cake, and then right in the middle of Josh's shirt! It was hilarous. They crashed hard in the car on the way home (so did mommy for a few minutes too!)....only to wake up the next day to lots of hustle and bustle getting ready for their big birthday bash!!!

Their party went off without a hitch! It was everything i had laid awake at night thinking about and was a perfect celebration of 1.their first year 2.our closest friends and family that have helped us more than they know and 3. for josh and i making it through!! They had lots of fun playing, eating their cake and opening gifts...and more gifts....and more gifts!! They sure are 3 spoiled babies!! For their next birthday we will be asking for a new, bigger house so we have room to put all their new things!!=)

Opening gifts...

Triplet friends!

Ready for cake!!!

The smurf...

The princess (her pink icing looked like dainty lipstick)

My now and then table...

the aftermath on the way home...
Thanks again to everyone who helped before/during/and after the party. My friends and family are the best!!
And Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet babies! I can't believe you are one! I've loved every second of having you in my life and can't wait to see all the fun things you will be doing this year!! Love, Mommy

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  1. It was soooo good to see you, Josh, and the babies! The babies were ADORABLE at the wedding. I was so happy when Avery came to me and didn't cry. And the birthday party was fantastic. I can't imagine how much planning went into the party. I can't wait to see you all again. Sometimes it's hard being 12 hours away...