Friday, April 30, 2010

we love the sunshine!

Finally some nice weather for us to get out and enjoy!! It all started last Sunday with our March of Dimes walk! It was a rainy, gross weekend...but God gave us the 5 hours of sunshine that we needed to get through the walk (but don't worry...i had trashbags and duct tape ready in the diaper bag if needed...we WERE going to walk!)
This is us and our walking buddies Jenny, Brad and their triplets Maddie, Carter and Lila who are 5 months old!!

I had the stroller decked out.......but what that resulted in was LOTS of people stopping to stare...and ask questions....and make dumb comments...pretty much the norm when we go out, so i shouldn't have been suprised!

The best comment of the day though, happened right as we were on our way out. A man stopped and read the side of the stroller cover, and said "This is what the March of Dimes is all about". Another reminder of how blessed we are to have 3 healthy one year olds....that when you look at them, would never have guessed they were only 3 pounds when they were born. Which reminds me of the dumbest comment of the day. After reading this side of the stroller.....a lady asked me if those were their birth weights. "Yes, i carried 60 pounds of baby...and yet still delivered at 32 weeks....boy do i know how to grow 'em!"

Regardless of the dummies, we had a great walk, for a great cause, and are already excited to do it again next year!!

This is our typical snack location...i call it the "feeding trough" and just dump the snacks into the tray, and they all crowd around and chow down!!

Trying on daddy's hats!!

This week we got to enjoy the beautiful weather!! We got to take lots of walks and even went back down to the river (the same place the march of dimes was) to walk around some more!! We played out on the deck somemore....which has become our afternoon snack location (much easier cleanup!!)

Colby learned how to throw a ball this week!!! So fun!

But the best part was playing outside....with our new water table!!! Since it was our first time playing in it, I wasn't sure how it would go, but since they love their baths (which i must give myself props for....3 baths in under 30 minutes tonight!! Just as a frame of reference, Avery's first bath i gave her in the NICU took 30 minutes...and she was only 3 pounds!!! I got all 20 pounds of her washed, dried and dressed in a third of that am i getting good!!) i figured they would enjoy this too...and they did! Zach especially got into it and after he was done splashing his little heart out, he started using the tarp as a slip and slide, then crawled around under the table lapping up the water off the ground!! (They watch Cooper way too closely!) And might i just add...they looked SUPER cute in their swimsuits!!!

big boy splashes

little princess splashes =)

all 3!!

squinty eyes!

Colby's quick thinking on how to get to the other side of the table!

Zach checking to see if there's anything cool under the table!


And last but not least....if you need a good this OVER and OVER again!!

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