Tuesday, October 19, 2010

18 months old.....already!?!?!?

Here are my sweet sweet 18 month old babies! We went to the dr. last tuesday (3 shots each=NO funx3!) and they all got a perfect bill of health! Avery is still the shortest and lightest, but she's catchin up fast! She weighs 23lbs 2oz (18 months ago she was 3lbs 6oz!), and is 31.5"tall. She's in the 50% and 25% on the charts! Zach is 23lbs 8oz (18 months ago, 3lbs 4oz) and is 32.75" tall, also 50% and 25%! And the big boy Colby is 26lbs 6oz (18 months ago 3lbs 11oz) and is 33.25" tall, in the 75% and 50%!! While we were there, the dr. asked me how many words they said....i was caught way off guard, and guessed in the range of 12-20. When i got home though, i started listing everything they say, and the list is well over 30!!! Way to go talking babies! My all time favorite is "I yah yah"....I love you. They all say it, sponateously and on their own, and know exactly what they are saying, and it melts my heart every time!

We have had lots of fun with this wonderful (sometimes too warm!) fall weather! We went to HallZOOween last weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo! It was a beautiful day and a great time! They had "treat stations" around the zoo...and by far the favorite was the banana ("nana" station!)

(Snugglin with Mamaw! They're getting so big all 3 barely fit...and when they do fit....they aren't smiling, they are pushing to try to get their 'space' back!)

Yabba Dabba Dooo!!!
This weekend was my multiple's group fall festival! We had a blast! (And won the 'most original' costume contest!!) It was the perfect location for my crew to run around and have fun! We went on a trail walk through the woods, ate a yummy hot dog and mac and cheese dinner, went trick or treating and ate lots of treats....doesn't get much better than that!!

Fred and BamBam

Fred and Dino (this is pre-pumpkin accident. =( Colby found a little pumpkin and was carrying it across the yard and fell....and dropped the pumpkin...well his momentum was going towards the ground, and the pumpkin bounced up off the ground and they met in the middle with a big bump and scrape in the middle of his forehead)

Fred and Pebbles

The whole Flintstone Family

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