Sunday, August 9, 2009

4 month old babies!!!

My arms are full of love!!
updates from the dr on 8/7/09...

Avery (aka "S.F.P." (sissy fussy pants), "beautiful girl")-11lbs 4oz....10th %ile in height and weight for a 4 month old!

Colby (aka "monster", "big un", "happy boy")-13lbs 9.5oz...25th %ile for height and weight for a 4 month old!

Zachary (aka "Zach-man", "Zacher")-12lbs .5oz...10th %ile in weight and 25th %ile for height for a 4 month old!

All 3 are VERY healthy babies! We got the 'ok' to stop the high calorie formula, no more vitamins, will be starting rice cereal in about a month, and fruits and veggies shortly after that! They are sleeping at least 7 hours through the that makes it nice for us! I just can't believe how fast time is flying by!

The babies are growing more into their own personalities by the day...and the boys have done a switch-er-oo since they were born. Initially, we called Zach "mr. laid back" and Colby was a little more high maintenance....but now Zach is a little more whiney and as long as Colby has a full belly, he's the happiest little smiley guy! Colby talks a lot too...even more than his sister! (i don't expect that to last long!!) and Avery has maintained her princess status....still needy, drama and high maintenance....but too cute for words! When she's in a good mood...she's in a GREAT mood. She has a little laugh that sounds like a cough, but is definitely a laugh. Zach has been smiling more and more too. He was the last to smile, but now does it a lot and loves to have his cheeks played with! He's still the most active and will probably be the first to crawl and tear around the house!

We have continued with our outings....have gone to dinner a few more times, went on some walks, went to the park, and went shopping...without daddy this time =) (but we had lots of hands to help!!) Last week, my Aunt Lisa, Uncle Tom and their family from Florida (aka the extra hands while we were shopping!) came to visit. They were over just about every night to hang out with me and the babies! It was so nice to have the extra hands around...but even nicer to have people to talk to! It gets a little lonely talking to the babies with no response all the time!
We also had a great visit with my mom's side of the family...and all the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th (and probably more) cousins! It was a beautiful day, the babies were in great moods and loved all the attention, and it was nice to be out of the house!!
Fun at the park...

Our Happy Family!
The reason we are so happy...

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