Saturday, August 15, 2009

a few reasons for this post.....

Reason #1: To share this video with you all....sorry about taking it sideways...but it's worth the strain in your neck to see it!

Reason #2: I need a fully functioning partner...and haven't had one for a week!

Josh hurt his back. Not doing anything specific. He's had a bulging disk, and it just decided to flare up this week. But this time, by "flare up" i mean, laying on the floor or the couch-all day, writhing in pain, not sleeping well, and trying to fight being treated as a 'patient' instead of a 'big-boy'. All you women out there know that men are not good patients to start out with, but i think this back issue is even worse than being sick. He feels like he should be fine...until he tries to do something....but he's so stubborn that he tries to do those 'somethings' way too often! He's been to the dr, had an mri, but at this point his next scheduled visit is thursday with the chiropractor (who just stretches him out....not solving the problem), and SEPTEMBER 8TH (that's a long time a way!) with the potential surgeon to get a steroid shot. I have finally accepted that i will get less sleep than i like, and have to do all the chores by myself, but i need him back before sept. 8th!!! even when he works, i can count on him helping with dishes, making formula, laundry, trash, picking up around the house etc. etc.....but all he's good for this week (which is better than nothing!) is getting a baby placed on his belly and handed a bottle, all while he lays on the floor to feed them. He's a great cuddler too, so the babies are happy to cuddle up on his chest if they are fussy so i can get some things done, but i can only take so much of this routine!!! (sorry had to vent!)

Still able to do a few "daddy" things from the floor....

Or the couch...

Reason #3: It's ok to be a stalker. (at least the secret blog follower type!) (but not in a creepy sort of if you are a creeper and follow our blog, STOP!)

What i mean is that when Josh and I write these blog updates, we really don't know who reads them. It goes out into cyberspace, and is fair game to whomever finds it! We have 35 "followers" (which means you have signed up on our blog to follow us), but everywhere we go, we find more people who read them religiously! Which is fun! I'm glad people think we are at least semi-interesting and take the time to check and see if we've updated. I actually follow a handfull of blogs too....some of people i know, and some of people i don't know. My absolute favorite blog is one i stumbled upon of a lady who lives in California who has triplet 4 year olds and a 2 year old.....who i refer to as "my friend jen". The catch is, she's not really my friend....b/c she doesn't know me, and i just know her through her blog. But she is such a good writer and never has a dull moment! I check at least once a day for an update, and was really upset when she went on vacation for over a week with no updates!!! So i do feel sorry for you if you look forward to an update from us daily, and don't get one nearly as often as you'd like! Sometimes it's because we're too busy (duh!), but othertimes it's just because we dont' really know what to write. The kids are great, they're eating, sleeping, pooping, smiling, and sometimes crying....but that's all typical baby stuff, and unless we go on an outing, or something major happens, we don't feel like we have too much excitement to write about! I know there are more than 35 of you out there that read this....but we don't know who you are! BUT, there is a place to comment on our blog. After you read it, you can add a if there's ever any questions you would like us to answer in a blog, or comments you have to make, PLEASE DO! Don't be a secret stalker like i am!
Here i am with the bottle propped under my chin so i can scroll through 'my friend jen's' blog with the other hand!


  1. Ahhh ... Did you find her from me?

    I am actually friends with Jen -- I'm on a parenting board with her and have been for about 4 years now. She is truly an awesome woman -- her posts about our friend Deana were so real, so honest.

    Have you tried her O'Henry Bar recipe yet ... OMG!!!!!

  2. I did find her from you!!! I found her when i was on bedrest and clicked all around every link i could find to keep busy!! =) don't tell her she's my secret friend....she'll think i'm a total freak!!! =) I haven't tried her recipe though....but i've been eating chocolate like it's going out of style maybe i should look that up!

  3. I love Avery's little giggle! So very sweet!