Thursday, August 27, 2009

just for the record books....

since josh has been down for the count, i have been the sole bath-giver for the past month or so. not a big deal-he entertains the other 2, or mom comes over and entertains, and i bathe, lotion and dress. It works out well because which ever baby is bathed first gets fed first by josh while i bathe the 2nd, then he feeds 2 babies, and i bathe the third, then re-situate so i can feed 2. sort of like an assembly line rotation deal.

WELL....see this adorable face...
out of the past 3 baths she has gotten....she has pooped in the tub 2 of those times!!!!! talk about disgusting! i'm not one to shy away from poopy diapers...even when zach squirts it up his back to his shoulder blades, then somehow manages to get it all over the front of me in the middle of the portrait studio (after pictures thankfully), but something about soaking in your own poo grosses me out....and it is not easy to clean up effectively. so here's how it goes down: the poor girl gets in the tub....there's a little bump in the bottom of the tub for their hiney to fit in so they can semi-sit up, and before i bearly get soap on the wash cloth...there are bubbles in the tub coming from the girl.....then, even though i am in high speed mode just incase what i think is going to happen happens, a little poo starts creeping up the side of the ramp under her....then i scream "SHE'S POOPING IN THE TUB" or as i did tonight "SHE'S DOING IT AGAIN!!!!"....then i grab her out, hold her over the toilet (just incase she's not done), and wrap her in a towel, then hold her or pass her off to my mom, and josh rushes in to clean out her tub...b/c i frankly think it's gross. i really don't like the idea of a bath anyways-soaking in my own filth is gross enough....but soaking in your own poo is just. plain. nasty.

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