Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photos Round 2

Today Kara and I took the kids to get some pics done. This time we went to a photo studio in West Chester. It came recommended from other parents and it was awesome. The photographer and her assistant worked quick, took great shots, and were very hands on with the kids. I think I can speak for Kara and say we were both impressed and will go back. The best part is, we spent about 2 and a half hours there (and the kids were great, very minimal crying) and we walked out with pictures in hand. We also got a disk with all 140 + pictures. I selected a small handful to post just to show off. And I do mean SHOW OFF. I hate to brag, but we have some good looking kids. It leaves me scratching my head and wondering where they get the looks from because I don't think it is me. One of the few traits they got from me is sleeping habits. They can go down for 8 to 10 hours at a time overnight. LOVING IT!! Anyways, not much else going on around here. I have been off work for over a week now and it is great spending time with the kids and Kara. It will be sad to have to leave them again when I go back!


  1. Ok - I am TOTALLY a "secret stalker"! Sorry about that ;) Next time we see you all, can your kids please give Zach a little talk about sleeping through the night. I'm VERY jealous of all this talk about 8-10 hours of sleep at a time! Zach is going the opposite direction. For about 2 months he would only wake up once a night. Since the beginning of August he's been up 3 times every night!...it's miserable and needless to say, I'm very jealous :( Count your blessings every time you wake up fully refreshed...and then think of me!

  2. Hi Kara,
    These pictures are absolutely adorable...they are changing so much!! I have been thinking about you this week as I went back to school. How nice that you don't have to worry about that. Enjoy your time with those beautiful babies :) Before you know it you'll be planning their 2nd birthday party !! I hope Josh is feeling better.