Saturday, September 19, 2009

i'm such a slacker! (at least on my blogging!)

I'm so sorry for everyone who loyally checks our find it hasn't been updated in a while. For almost a week now, Josh has been flat on his back again! He had his second steroid injection, was fine for almost a week...then crashed hard again. Tomorrow he is doing a new physical therapy treatment-disk decompression therapy-so say prayers for success!
The babies are cuter than ever!!!!! We have been trying new foods every 3-4 days, and like some, and others not so much. Right now their favorites are sweet potatoes, applesauce mixed with rice cereal, and carrots (in that order). Their not so favorites are green beans and bananas. They all go through spurts of doing really well with eating off a spoon, but Zach does the best of opening his mouth and seeming to know what to do with it once it gets in there. It is a constant fight to try to keep their hands from going straight to their mouths after they get a bite....which i usually lose, which means there is baby food EvErYwHeRe!!! Oh, and they like to spit....not just drool it back out, but spray it everywhere...especially Avery! We go through about a container and a half of food per feeding....and that's just one feeding a day! The biggest challenge for me has been trying to figure out the best arrangement for feeding them. They still need a little better head control to sit in their triplet table or their bumbo i have to sit them in their bouncy seats...but then those get food all over them! O well, hopefully only a few more weeks of that set up! Once they're in them though, i have to shovel as fast as i can....especially for Colby...typical big boy gets mad every time he has to wait for the other two to get their bites!

Another change we have made is we set up the 3rd crib in the nursery. They now have their own cribs! The boys share the corner, and Avery is still on the other side of the room where she's been all along! So far so good! At this point, we put them to bed around 10:30/11, and they wake up about 8 to eat, and go back to sleep until 11 or so! It works great when they all stick to that schedule, but usually at least once a week, someone wakes up early (as in 4 am!) and throws off my sleep!

Also, my list of projects around the house doesn't end there! I am converting our dining room into a play room! I figure until the babies are big enough to go up and down stairs, that it will be most convenient and safest for them to have the run of the upstairs and save the downstairs for when they're bigger! So in every minute i have to do anything, i am trying to get things arranged, built, re-located etc. to make the conversion!! I'll keep you posted on my progress!

We got our proofs back from our photo session we had at the beginning of the month!
Rolling update: Zach LOVES to be on his belly, and finally figured out how to roll from his back to his much so that we can't hardly keep him on his back anymore! He'll be crawling before we know it! Colby rolls from his belly to his back, and so does Avery....but not much. Colby would love to stand up all day. He loves the exersaucer and loves standing up on our legs. He thinks he's big stuff when he does it!

And although i could talk about my kids forever, zach just woke up for some extra cuddle time, and now i have to go to bed. But, i promise...especially for those of you who haven't heard it before, to tell the story of what happened a year ago today, September 27, 2008....although it's an exciting moment in everyone's life to get a positive pregnancy was a moment in ours i'll never forget!
And to think i was growing these perfect little feet in my belly a year ago!

more to come! hopefully sooner than later!

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