Sunday, September 6, 2009

so much fun

The babies are getting more fun by the day. They are actually starting to 'play' with their play mats and the toys on their bouncy seats...and have found other uses for the play mat too! They LOVE watching tv....which isn't something that i want to last forever, but what cooler toy do we have that has tons of colors, moves, and makes sounds?

They are very attentive when we read to them, and sometimes get so excited that they start kicking their legs! It's very cute!

One of the best parts of the day is in the morning. The babies wake up in such great moods and are all smiles. Avery especially thinks it is hilarious to get dressed. Here's a quick video of her cracking up...

They are laughing out loud, squealing, smiling and for the most part are happy babies nearly all the time! We have gone to 2 mason football games....just this last friday, we stayed the whole game...even a few minutes after it was over (so avery could finish her bottle!) b/c they were so well behaved!!! Josh and i took them out to eat at red lobster, we go on walks at the's just a blast. We are so blessed to have these little sweeties in our lives.

~Just a few random pictures~

Here's a pic from watching our first OSU football you can see...the babies are still all looking at the TV!!

Future linebacker...

Although...this would make daddy pretty proud too...
And Avery and I are just going to go shopping and play dress up! Hope she doesn't mind matching her mom!!

Here's another one of Zach's sweet sweet faces.....

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