Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FOR SALE: 2 Boys, 5 months old. Would prefer to sell as a pair but will separate if necessary.

2 Boys, 5 months old (2009 model). Very cute (see pictures from earlier blogs). Not house broken yet and cannot feed themselves so it may be time intensive. As stated in the title, I would like to keep them together but could separate if necessary. If bought as a pair, I will throw in a 2004 Peekapoo mix free of charge. He IS housebroken, and good with the kids he comes with. No reasonable offer rejected!!!

**Before anyone goes crazy and reports this to children services, the fbi, or any other department with an acronym, that is totally a joke. Except for the dog part, he is free to a good home.

So tonight was "moms night out" with the tri state multiples group. That means I took the night off work and it was my night to stay home with the kiddos. Let me just get this out of the way, Kara, I don't know how you do it every night. I know it is tough on you and I have all the respect and love in the world for you, but my goodness, I don't know how your hair hasn't turned grey yet! I have an even bigger appreciation for what you do, and I am very lucky.

So when Kara walked out the door about 7 things were going good. As a matter of fact they were going great......until about 708. That is when Zach melted down and started to wail. And wail, and wail, and wail some more. I think "ok, I got this." Hungry? Nope. Wet or Dirty? Nada. Want some cuddle time? No Way! Swing? Bouncy Seat? Tummy Time? Boppy? Bumbo? Sit on the couch? Lay on the couch? Watch TV? Go for a walk? I got NOTHING but WHAHAHAHAHAhAHAH!!!!!!! WHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

So for a little over an hour I try to settle him to no avail. All this time Avery is being the perfect little angel, and Colby is asleep in his swing. Eventually Colby woke up and got a little fussy so it was time to feed him. I laid the sobbing Zach down on the blanket to tend to Colby. After 10 more minutes or so, Zach had finally worn himself out and fell asleep. Colby got fed, Avery got fed and we are all happy!!!! WRONG. Zach woke up with avenges. Once again, tried to feed (he ate about 2 oz out of a 5 oz bottle), changed his diaper and put him in jammies, cuddled, rocked, swung, and sung and once again....nothing worked. Another 20 minutes of sobbing and he fell asleep again. Now things are back to normal. 2 kids fed, 1 kid half fed. All 3 asleep. That is where the dogs devilish role came in. Apparently the neighbor had someone over tonight, and that unknown person decided to park on the road in front of our house. This did not make the dog happy. That was evident when he grew devil horns and went ballistic at the front window. Barking and howling, scratching at the window ledge. This in turn made the boys go crazy. Both of them screaming at the top of their lungs. It was so sad. You could hear both of them exhaust every last part of air they had in their lungs they were crying so hard. And what is Avery doing this whole time? Being the perfect little angel that she is, cuddled up with her snuggly sleeping away.

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