Wednesday, September 2, 2009

mom's night out ends in tears....from mom

(make sure you read josh's blog before this one first)

i guess the title ruins the ending...but i'm going to start from the beginning.

even before the start of 'mom's night out' it started out being a great evening to leave the kids with 5:45 i went to get in the shower...and all 3 were asleep! that NEVER happens to me during the day! which i'm not complaining a bit b/c i would much rather them all 3 sleep at the same time during the night, but was very jealous of josh's time to himself while the 3 were all napping. i finished getting ready with zach in the bedroom with me and his bottle propped while i tried on a million shirts to try to find one that fit, but that's another story...i made it out the door a little after 7 and was on my way to hang out with my fellow multiples mommies.

everything went great. i was having a good time hanging out and catching up with everyone (and for those of you who read the story about Michelle Ranes and her car accident a while back...she made it to the meeting tonight!! she is such a miracle!) and was enjoying the night. at 10:07 i got a text message from josh that said "WOW". i promptly responded "what?".....and got nothing. i finished up a few conversations and decided that if it was really going that bad he would write more. Before i left, i said bye and thanks to my mentor mom, beth, who hosted the meeting and told her about the text. we were trying to figure out what the 'wow' meant...possibly 'wow, we have such wonderful kids', or was it 'wow, i love being a daddy', or was it 'wow, 3 kids! we're so lucky', or maybe even 'wow, i had a great night' or maybe the tone of the 'wow' was a little different 'wow, you better thank me for this' or 'wow, you better get your butt home...and fast'. so many possibilities...and still NO RESPONSE. so i got in the car, and called him...NO i figured he had his hands full....and texted again..."please call me". NOTHING. knowing my hubby, i know that if he has his hands full, the last thing he wants to do is have phones ringing off the hook, so i left it at the 1 phone call, and waited (not so patiently) for him to call me back. this point, i am driving like a bat out of hell wondering what is going on at the house, why he can't call me, what's wrong with my babies...and made the drive that took me 22 minutes to get there in 14 to get home. i nearly ran out of the car into the house, opened the door....and SILENCE. my heart is pounding, and i'm also VERY confused as to what the 'wow' with no other responses meant as i found josh sitting on the couch, feet kicked up, a movie on the tv, surfing the internet. i said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" and got a very snotty response of "what?" i said "WHERE IS YOUR PHONE", and he pointed on the other end of the couch "right there". i said "WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER OR WRITE ME BACK!?!?! I JUST DROVE LIKE A CRAZY WOMAN TO GET HERE TO FIND YOU HANGING OUT AND THE BABIES ALL IN BED" and then melted. I was nearly shaking out of my skin b/c in those 14 minutes...i was contemplating everything that could have gone wrong and didn't know what i was going to be walking into and was prepared for the worst.....or at least to have a crying kid or 2. Apparently, his phone didn't have any service, so none of my calls/messages came through. convenient huh? all 3 babies were sound asleep in bed. after a few tears (b/c i didn't know what else to do to calm myself down), he said he had just finished writing a blog about the night. so i read it, and then wrote this....and for the record, the kids are definitely not for sale....and the dog isn't going anywhere either....and josh will be back to working his 10 hour shifts tomorrow through saturday and i will be here with my babies and know that they are safe and sound....and hopefully happier than they were tonight!

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  1. I'm so bummed I missed seeing Michelle! BUT, when I leave the boys with Dan, I always think to myself that as long as everyone is still alive, fed, and changed, I'm happy. I just bite my tongue for the next hour or two while I clean up everything the baby tornados have scattered around our house.