Thursday, January 7, 2010

starting the new year off with...

a tooth for Colby!!! (i promise it's in there...bottom right!)
and even more mobility (and ornery-ness) for Zach! Not only is he crawling EvErYwHeRe.....but he's now pulling himself up on his feet when he can!! We have planned that the family room and dining room would be the kids areas so have been moving things and making the rooms safe for babies....but leave it to Zach to find everything we don't want him to get into!! I make sure to give him some extra cuddles...b/c i feel like i'm saying "No, Zach!" all day long! (and he doesn't listen at all ;) ) And i'm sure something good is coming for Avery soon too!


  1. LOVE IT! Too darn cute! Can't wait to get down there to see them again..... soon!

  2. adorable babies! you definitely have your hands full:)

  3. I'm with you on the "No Zach" thing. We've been saying a lot of that lately too! Gotta love new stages :)