Sunday, January 31, 2010

what happens when mom is sick?

1. She misses taking care of her babies all day
2. She feels like she's back to the bedrest days....except not being able to eat or drink is totally not worth it
3. She sanitizes the toilet after each time she hugs it....more cleaning that the toilet has seen in months!
4. Daddy is in charge, but wonderful....already brought the babies to the doorway to wave at me and say hi
5. She is given orders to update the blog!

Seriously, though, i haven't been sick in YEARS. So why now?? Completely inconvenient, unwanted, and miserable. Praying for a 24 hour bug (or less) that only affects me! I hate just laying here and missing out on my babies' day.

what i wish i was doing today...

Life for the triplets has been good lately! They all have 2 teeth a piece....and maybe a top on on the horizon for Avery! And speaking of Avery....she's finally making forward progress! Not completely crawling in crawl fashion yet, but an army crawl mixed with belly flops =) And the boys are just all over the place! We've brought up more barriers...and for now, they are contained to the family room. period.
No more getting into Cooper's food!!
Zach enjoys pulling himself up to a stand on EVERYTHING! He loves looking out the window and watching the cars go by. He also LOVES to play with his ball popper toy. It's the loudest toy we have, and of course he knows how to turn it on all by himself! It's adorable to watch him sprint-crawl to it and start playing (even when he doesn't have any clothes on!)! He' s still the best sippy cup drinker...but not as good at feeding himself as the other 2 are. Cooper knows which baby to stand under during meal time!!

Colby is such a little cheese ball!! We went out to dinner on Thursday, and Colby's favorite thing to do was ScReAm and then laugh at himself when i told him "no", covered his mouth, or gave him a look. Nothing worked.....except to keep stuffing food in his mouth. We are working hard on the sign/word "more", but he's not catching on quite yet!
Cooper also knows when the cheerios get distributed...and Colby thought it was hysterical watching cooper beg for his! Colby also LOVES looking in the mirror. Everytime i get him out of the table after a meal, we look in the mirror and snuggle, and he gives me the sweetest, happiest, heart-melting smile ever!
Avery is a very happy little girl. She is so easily entertained with her toys where she can "put things in". She loves to feed herself and loves sticking her finger in the top of her sippy cup. She's still very much a mama's girl....but look out when she doesn't get her way!

Today more than ever I am thankful that i have such a wonderful husband and daddy. He is amazing. He's been busy taking care of me and the kids and does it with a smile on his face. Although i hate laying in bed while they're out playing, listening to them giggle and squeal in delight gives me all the comfort in the world. Thank you for being such an awesome dad!
This was daddy's way of playing peek-a-boo the other day...
And without an awesome daddy, what babies would have a 4 ft. tall stuffed scooby do??

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  1. Ok - you are the only people I know who would actually have 3 babies, a dog, and a GIGANTIC scooby-doo! HILARIOUS!