Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where has the time gone???? My babies are 9 months old and so much has changed since my last post! First off....Zach has a tooth!!! Not as fun being the last to get one, but still as exciting as the first! Fun fact...he cut his bottom left first, and the other 2 cut the bottom right first! Secondly...Colby is crawling!!! Yes, now we have 2 mobile babies! And Colby's 2nd tooth is through too!Their favorite place to go is into the kitchen, and make a hard left to be-line to the dog food. Zach watches cooper a little too closely and checked out the doggy door the other day, but didn't get too far......yet. So needless to say, i have VERY little time i can sit down and type. They are on a really good schedule right now, so nap time is 'mommy time', but very rarely do i have a minute to type with never ending laundry, dishes, cleaning etc! And i get even less of that done while they're awake!
Here's our latest schedule (in a perfect world it goes like this every day...too bad we live in reality!):
9:00am-Wake up
Bottles, diaper changes and play time
11:15am-Get dressed, change diapers
12pm-2pm-Nap Time
2-2:30-Diaper changes and playtime
3:30-playtime, story time
5-7pm-Nap Time
7:00-diaper changes and Dinner
7:30-9 Play time and bath time
9:30-Diaper changes, put on pj's, bottles....and
(and it always goes just like that....HA!)

The really fun part right now is all the new foods they are eating! We got the go-ahead last month to feed them anything we eat. One of their favorites is pancakes! They really like vegetable soup...and mini beef ravioli's are a HUGE hit! They also like to feed themselves, so anything i can cut/break up small enough is very fun for them! (Except Zach isn't as sure as the other two about trusting my cooking enough to enjoy feeding himself yet!) They continue to work on drinking from sippy cups....and continue to make me feel like i'm in a waterpark whenever i turn the cups over to them! And when josh and i try to eat dinner...they beg worse than the dog does!! i guess sharing my food with 3 babies and a dog can be considered my new diet! Oh and then there's Avery....i finally got video of her eating....or lack there of. When she doesn't want a bite this is what happens....

Not only does he crawl and have two teeth...but Colby has a "cheese" face too! (no pun intended :) )

And here's my sweet princess who loves to stay up late for some extra mommy time, the only one who i can put in bed awake and will happily go to sleep, the one who has a laugh that makes you want to tickle her forever, and one of the most precious things on this earth!

I have tons more i could write....but i still have to make formula and get the trash out and try to get some sleep before one of my sweet babies that kept me up all night last night wakes up! (or even better that we all get some much needed sleep!!)

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  1. WOW! I can't even imagine 3 at once! I had three over 10 years and that was problematic enough. You deserve many "high fives" or "fist bumps". We miss seeing you here but at least I got Tracey in the move to the Z pod. Take care!
    Sue Ellen