Monday, January 4, 2010

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! I can’t even remember how boring Christmas was before the babies! They had so much fun….and even ‘opened’ their presents. They were completely spoiled by everyone and our house is bursting at the seams with all their toys! Being ‘put away’ now means moving the toys out of the middle of the room to the perimeter! We made lots of stops to make sure we got to see and spend a little time with was our schedule: starting on Wednesday the 23rd we went to my mom’s house in the evening and ate and exchanged gifts with my family-Mom, Alex, Halley, Grandpa, Josh and the babies. Thursday the 24th we woke up and Santa came! (he must have known how busy we were going to be on Christmas day, so he wanted us to have plenty of time to open and enjoy the presents he left!) He brought the babies puzzles, a fun mirror, a foamy playmat for their playroom, books, new jammies, sippy cups, and movies. Mommy and Daddy got the babies each a big, medium and small toy and some books! I didn’t have enough hands to take pictures, video tape, and help someone unwrap their presents! It was so much fun though….and we TRASHED our family room! Thursday evening, josh had to work, so I took the babies up to my mom’s side of the family for our annual Christmas eve gathering! They had lots of fun visiting with all their extended cousins, and even got asked if they would be in my 2nd cousin Katie’s wedding on their 1st birthday! (I can’t wait to dress them up!!) We came home late Thursday night, then Friday was our big day. Christmas morning we woke up and packed up the van and went to Josh’s parent’s house. We had lunch and exchanged presents there, then went to my dad’s side of the family for dessert and more presents, then we went to Josh’s papaw’s house to meet up with all of his extended family for you guessed it, more food and more presents. On Saturday, we woke up with no power in the house….so after 3 hours of waiting for it to come back…we gave up and packed up the kids and went to return a few things and shop the after Christmas deals=) So much for a relaxing day at home. Then Sunday was our final Christmas gathering at my mom’s house with my uncle and his family….for more food and presents =) Here are a few pics from our Christmas festivities and visits.

Santa Came!!!!!

What a mess!!

Then, the day after Christmas, Zach surprised us….and is crawling!! Everywhere! We are going to be in so much trouble when all 3 of them are crawling! I feel like we have done a good job of cleaning up the family room to prepare for this, but the babies seem to find everything they aren’t supposed to have….even amidst all their new toys!! Zach ventured into the kitchen yesterday…here’s a clip of that…it was hilarious.

We now have the gate in full use at the top of the stairs, and a few more on hand for when the other 2 are as mobile as Zach. We used the play yard to help contain them while Josh and I were trying to clean up after all our Christmases….but they weren’t huge fans.

The babies, my mom and I rang in the new year, with dinner at Friday’s and some playtime! Colby must have known that it wasn’t normal to be alone on new year’s, so he woke up at 12:30 for some snuggling. Other than that, they have been sleeping MUCH better. I felt like a horrible mom, but on Christmas eve night, Colby woke up at 2:30am. I went in, walked him around for 2 minutes, he was back asleep and I was back in bed within 5 minutes of waking up. Not bad, I thought, but then about 5 more minutes later, he was screaming. I knew he was fine, b/c I’d just been up with him, so I let him cry. And he cried for about an hour. But finally fell back asleep. And other than waking up a few times b/c of stuffy noses (they all woke up with colds on the Sunday after Christmas….too much visiting??) they have been almost back to their normal sleeping selves!

Just had to include this that the presents are gone...the tree is much more tempting! This is her "i didn't do anything" look.

We had such an incredible 2009…I’m not sure that 2010 can be better…but we’ll give it a try! As much as I can’t believe my babies are almost 9 months old….and will turn one this year, and will start walking, and talking….i’m so excited to watch them grow and see what the new year will bring for them and our family. Happy New Year everyone!

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