Monday, March 15, 2010

Avery's Hair/11 month olds!

Oh how i love having a baby girl! I love to buy her clothes, dress her up, and take a thousand pictures of her (thought i would say that outloud just incase you couldn't tell ;) ) I love to put bows in her hair,
and I've even made a few bows for her...
and tie ribbons around her head!
And the best part is, she leaves them in! (except her brothers think they are so fun to pull out!)
Avery also loves her hair. During every meal, it's a challenge to keep her hands and whatever she is eating out of her hair. Tonight, for example, she had strawberries, cheese puffs and refried beans all in her hair. awesome. And this morning, she had cinnamon chex and yogurt in her hair...and she even styled it!(this is the reason we have shampoo in our kitchen windowsill, for her head-baths in the sink when it gets really bad!)
And man oh man does this baby girl get bed head...and she gets it bad!!

Today was one of the most fun hair days ever. As i was brushing out all of the food from her breakfast, i thought it seemed long enough for a pony today Avery had her first pony tail!! And what a cute pony tail it was!!

Last week, we celebrated having our babies with us for the past 11 months....and can't believe this is their last month of being babies!! It was a beautiful day, so we got to play outside and try out their swings!! Colby LOVED it, Avery had lots of fun, and Zach liked it, but wasn't completely sure of what was going on....there were 4 dogs barking and going crazy right next to him at the fence, so he was a little worried about them! After swinging, we went on a nice long walk and enjoyed the awesome weather.

You're probably wondering why, on March 10th, the babies are in their red-white and blue outfits. Well, i will tell you why =) Through my multiples group, we adopted a soldier. SFC Richardson is our man, and we sent him lots of goodies....but the best part was packing the box!! Here are a few pics from our packing....

Clearly the box was the most fun part of it all! But sampling the candy was fun too....hope he doesn't mind slobber!!

And the boys are already lovers of duct tape....

Our special treat for our 11 month olds was popsicles! Mamaw found the cutest little 'mini pops' and we got to try them out after dinner!! Zach's face was priceless when he sampled his first popsicle!
Colby like it, but had more fun squeezing it in his made a fun, cold mess!
Avery just wanted to hold it and try to figure out what it was...
And Zach....well the picture speaks for itself. =)

And here are a few cute ones of my boys....just so they don't feel like it's all about Avery! =)
Colby making a funny face showing off his top tooth...
Zach sportin his new shades on the deck!

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  1. NOW you have the daughter with all the hair!!! We love and miss you!
    Shel and Izzy