Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i have sick babies =(

all 4 of them....Zach, Colby, Josh and Avery (in that order)
Here's a rundown of my week so far...(sorry for all the gross details!)
It all started Sunday after morning naps....Zach woke up crying (like usual) and i went in and both he and Avery were awake. I scooped Zach up quick and then grabbed Avery and booked it out of the room to try to not wake Colby. I had Zach facing away from me when we went in to say good morning to daddy....and Zach erupted. I just stood there b/c i had Avery on my other hip...and where was i going to go?? So he finally stopped and all i could say was "i need a little help!" We got him, his bed, the floor, me and my boot (that he puked all over) all cleaned up and he was a pathetic little man for the next 4 hours. He got sick a few more times during that time, and then all of a sudden, didn't want to be held anymore and was off playing like nothing had ever happened. During lunch after we got Zach all cleaned up, Colby rumbled his seat (not unusual), and i kind of giggled....but then once the smell hit me, i about fell out of my chair. It was FOUL! Poor guy has it coming out the other end.....and it is GROSS!! The only symptom Colby had was he wasn't interested in eating....not like him at all...so i knew something mst be up! He did throw up last night at dinner, but that was his only time.....but he's been through 8 outfits in the past 3 days. Also, he's in a diaper study where we have to keep the urine only diapers...and in the past 4 days, we've only had 3 urine only diapers! YIKES! THEN, last night, Josh all of a sudden felt like he was going to be sick. He hasn't been sick like that since high school or before, so was trying to ignore it and talk himself out of it....but the stomach bug won out and he got up last night....and then all through the night, and has felt crappy all day today. After he got up, i moved to the couch, and then about an hour later, woke up to my little princess crying. I went and got her, and was up for the next 5 hours with her getting sick over and over and over and over. Poor thing was miserable. She's been clingy all day and just pathetic. Zach joined Colby with it coming out the other end, but the pukes have died down a little. I talked to the dr. and she suggested pedialyte, so i got a few flavors....and the babies think it's gross (which it is), and a bland diet....so our meals have consisted of a combination of saltines, toast, cheerios, rice cereal and oyster crackers. We did get adventurous and try some chicken noodle soup, but it was not a big hit. So that's been my week so far....and it can only get better from here right?? One of the common questions i get when i'm out with the babies is "did you watch Jon and Kate plus 8?" Well of course i did! But this is one time i'm really glad i only have 3 babies to be sick, not 8...i can't imagine!!

On a good note, i decided that a little fresh air might be good for everyone. I have been waiting for warm weather for a long time and can't wait to get outside! So both yesterday and today, we got to try out our new runabout stroller. It's awesome, and has been so nice to get out! Josh was getting ready to leave for the dr, so we took this quick pic....but then i got the stroller all situated....so this is what it looked like for the walk!

The babies are so cute on our walks...Avery sings, Zach and Colby scream and listen to their echos and they all love to watch cooper walk next to the stroller. We are so happy that the warm weather is on the horizon!!
One more thing...on April 25th, the babies and I are going to be walking with my tri-state multiples group in the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes supports research and programs for premature babies and helps families through their NICU stays...which is obviously near and dear to our hearts. Please consider supporting us as we walk to bring families the same wonderful care and support that we received during our hospital stay...we have beautiful, perfect 11 month old babies to show for, and want the same for other people that might be facing the same situation. You can access my page at www.marchforbabies.org/kara55522 . Thanks!!

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  1. Ohhhhh, so sorry that the plague has visited your little band. Ugh! Sounds like you've been through the worst of it, though. Sure hope so!
    Thanks so much for supporting the March of Dimes. Every mother wants a healthy baby, every baby deserves a healthy start.