Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bananas gone bad!!

Sooo today is the first Wednesday of March. The first Wednesday of the month means it is mommy's day out. She has her monthly meeting with the Tri State Multiples group. It is a dreaded day for some dads, myself included. This means we are all on our own, doing what mommy does everyday and night, night in night out, without complaining. Mommy gets a night on the town while daddy stays home. Not that big of deal for some, but for others it is. Remember several months ago Kara made a post talking about doing Mach 3 home from the group meeting because I didn't answer the phome and she just knew something was WRONG!!! Only to discover 3 babies in bed sleeping and me cleaning the house. Welllll, tonight it may just happen again. Instead of just tonight being mommy's night, this whole day has been hers. She ran out this morning while I fed the babies. After naps I gave each baby a bath and Kara went out again with Avery for some good mother daughter time. While she was gone it was time to feed the boys. Before Kara left she told me to make sure the boys ate a banana. Now bananas are one of the kids favorite foods, but they are kind of hard for them to eat. The boys love showing their Independence and try to feed themselves. The only problem is bananas are very slick and hard to pick up. We got a great tip from someone that says coat them with a crushed up graham cracker and it will make them easier to pick up. Hmmmmm, great idea and very simple right...... Well I thought outside of the box when I looked in the pantry and found another one of their favorite snacks, Chocolate Cheerios. BAM GREAT IDEA!!! I used our magic bullet (those of you who watch late night infomercials know what I am talking about) and chopped the cheerios into a fine powdery substance. I then coated the bananas in my powdery substance and....whala, the first part of lunch is served. I put it in bowls, put them in front of the boys and go back into the kitchen to finish making lunch. I can hear the boys talking and laughing and just being boys. When I go back in with the rest of lunch I find chocolate cheerio covered bananas their hair, in their ears, in their overalls, I mean everywhere. I have seen a one year old who didn't get as messy when they tore into their first birthday cakes. It must have been the ability to grip the bananas coupled with the fact they could finally grip them that made it irresistible to smear everywhere. Keep in mind they had a bath less than an hour ago. I guess that is what 11 month old babies do. I can't wait to see what they do at dinner time!!

(This is after a cleanup when I got the idea to take a picture)


  1. Just the beginning of the messes!

  2. That is really funny. You can not believe some of things they will do. Josh I give you credit for the great idea of using the cheerios actually sounds pretty good.