Monday, May 11, 2009

The babies are a month old!!!!!! I'm still tired

The babies turned a month old yesterday, on mother's day. It was the first, and possibly the best mother's day in history. Kara's grandma got to come visit and see the babies for the first time since they were born. She rode down with Kara's Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Jack who had a fun time visiting also. There were 4 generations in the house and it is Donna's first great grand babies. They must have gotten Zach all fired up while they were here. As soon as they left we did diaper changes for the 6 o'clock feed. Uncle Alex was changing his diaper when he had a supercharged poop while his diaper was off. Alex got out of the way in time and it ended up shooting off the changing table and on the floor. It was a great shot, and something only a mother could love(because his mother didn't have to clean it up...the pic of me with resolve.) I apologize that the blog isn't being updated as regularly as it was while in the hospital. We are a little busier without a nurse taking care of feeding, diapers, baths, etc. Kara and I have fell in to a routine over the last week. We both feed and care for the kids during the early afternoon through night hours. She goes to bed around 11 or so and I stay up through the 3 am feed, typically getting to bed around 4 or 430. She wakes up when I get in bed for 30 minutes or so. She then goes back to sleep (or tries to) until the 6 am feed. The 6 am and 9 am feed are up to her while I catch some sleep, then it is back to both of us. We have talked about how quick the days and nights go by having to get the babies up every three hours around the clock to feed. In another few weeks we should be able to drop a feeding session during the night. Right now the point of feeding is to pack on the weight and fatten them up a little bit. Once they get a little fatter we can do feeding "on call". Let them sleep when they want to sleep and feed them when they are hungry. That should lighten the load a little bit. We are going through 24+ bottles and diapers a day, along with 24 burp clothes (3 per feeding). I think the city of Monroe is about to go into a water shortage due to our dishes and laundry loads. This is nothing all of you with kids hasn't gone through before on a smaller scale. Like I implied before, things are hectic so we will update when we can! Oh ya, to everyone who has visited and brought dinner, we thank you. It means so much and takes a big load off of Kara and I when there is one less step that we have to go through on a nightly basis.

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