Monday, May 4, 2009

The kids are home....i'm tired

In the car seats for the first time (they are so small)

First stroller ride...noone was awake to enjoy it

The kids got to come home yesterday!! We left the hospital about 330pm. It was a very slow ride home with Kara riding in the back with the babies. The nurse said she could not remember the last time triplets got to come home together. Most of the time a baby, maybe two get to come home while their brothers or sisters have to stay a little while longer. It was very exciting. We got a lot of stares and some very nice comments from medical staff and complete strangers as we walked by with the triplet stroller. This was a day that everyone was looking forward to but when we got them through the door it hit me....OH CRAP, now what do I do? Being first time parents I felt a little lost. I know Kara has everything under control and I am just following her lead. After 24 hours at home I have run through every possible emotion. I was extremely proud walking them out of the hospital and putting them in the car. Then it changed to terrified as I drove 5 miles an hour under the speed limit all the way home. Then back to ecstatic as we walked them in the door for the first time. Then as described before, the oh no feeling when I didn't have a clue as to what to do. After a few hours of just sitting and starring I realized that they don't really do much at this age. We have to get them up, changed, and fed every three hours. Then it's 2.5 hours of down time until their next cycle of changing and feeding. About 530 this morning my mood changed to sad when I realized we had forgotten to bring a Good Sam nurse home with us so she could do the 3 am and 6 am changing and feeding. I think it was the lack of sleep talking at that point.
We are all home

Cooper has had a tough time adjusting. I think he is going to be a protective big brother. He wants to be around and all over them ALL THE TIME. If he could find a way to jump into the pack and play he would. We have had to correct him more in the last 24 hours than we have in the 4 years that we've had him. He has been so careful not to step on any of them but he wants to be as close as possible and then going on a licking attack trying to clean them. It is funny to watch but it gets old after a while. He has to be just as tired as Kara and I. Every time one of the babies made the slightest sound he would jump to attention and run to the crib or pack and play to make sure they were ok. It is time to get back to work but I will update more later.

Atleast someone got some sleep lastnight


  1. How exciting for all of you. What a beautiful family. I really enjoy all the updates and photos. Love to all of you. Cheryl

  2. I love the website! I'm so glad I will get to watch them get bigger through these pictures. You and Josh are amazing parents! Call me if you ever want to take advantage of a night nurse!
    Love, Avery

  3. really do have your hands full!! How cute of Cooper to be such a great big brother!! I love all the pics and you are doing a great job keeping us all updated. Can't wait to meet the little ones in person. Everyone here at school is thinking of you all!! Lindsay