Friday, May 15, 2009

mommy's little miracles

Everyday, I stare at Avery, Colby and Zachary in pure two people can make these 3 beautiful God has blessed us in so many i can't remeber what life was like without i want time to stand still, because as i think about the future, i am excited to see who they are going to be, but at the same time know that they will never be this small again, which makes me sad. I'm trying to take in every minute, every moment, and remember everything they do.

This week we have settled into our least the routine we will have while Josh is still home...i get more and more scared by the day trying to imagine what it's going to be like when he goes back to work b/c i can't imagine doing this on my own, but i know we will be fine and fall into our own routine for the days without him.

This week i feel like i don't have huge milestones to report...but there are a few little things that are fun that i will share.
*The babies' eyelashes are growing in....Zach's are the longest right now =)
*Avery sings to herself while she sleeps (hums a sweet little tune)
*They all LOVE to be held (especially Avery)
*Colby's got aim and distance without a diaper on (christened the footstool of the glider)
*Zach is still the wiggle worm he was in my belly and always ends up in funny positions to sleep
*Colby has a shriek that is ear piercing when he is not happy, but it's usually just a one time thing. i think he scares himself when he does it!
*They have more gas than any babies i have ever met!! (and it's still funny every time they do it!)
*The babies went back to get their weights checked at the dr, and they were thrilled with their progress! They have all gained a pound since last tuesday....Avery is 5lbs 11oz, Zachary is 5lbs 13.5 oz, and Colby is 5lbs 15oz!

That's all for now...i promise i will get some more pics up in the next few days!

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