Friday, May 1, 2009

Zach is a beast...mommy and daddy are a train wreck

3 peas in a pod

So the kids are doing awesome. As you know, Avery pulled her own feeding tube out a few days back. Since then she has taken every bottle feeding and is doing great. The boys got theirs taken out by the nurses on Thursday and have not missed a beat. Just think, 3 weeks ago today they were taking 4 ml of milk every 3 hours. They are now up to 45 ml of milk every 3 hours. Zach is a beast when it comes to taking his bottles. When he was born he was the runt at a whopping 3 lb 4 oz. He has now caught his sister at 4 lb 7 oz. When you put a bottle in his mouth it is game on. At times I have to take the bottle out to give him a breather or he would eat all day. The kid does not get full. We have talked to the doctors and nurses and it seems as if they will be home soon. It is such a great feeling to know that we will start another exciting chapter to our lives in the next few days. It is also ironic because the kids are such all stars while Kara and I are falling apart. It is not the best time for both of us to be laid up but we have found ourselves in a little pickle. I hurt myself at work last night and found myself at the hospital. I have an air cast on my right foot and used crutches today. I did not break my foot but it is a good sprain and has slowed me down a step. When Kara and I went to the hospital today to visit the babies, Kara had set up a doctor's appointment to get checked out. She has been feeling tired and run down so she just wanted to get checked out to make sure nothing was wrong before the kiddos come home. Kara told me to stay with the kids while she went to see the doctor (in the same building). About a half hour later I get a text message saying she had a large blood clot that was causing her pain and she was going to have to have surgery to get it removed.
Kara didn't want her picture taken after surgery.
I then learned that this "surgery" was scheduled for a few hours later. Nothing like rushing things. She came back down to the NICU to say hi to the kids, pump a little milk, then run back down for surgery. Long story short, things went well and the clot was removed. It has also slowed her down a step. If Kara and I got into a foot race I don't know who would win. The new surgery set back her healing time a little but she should bounce back a little faster. Anyways, it has been a long day so I am going to post some pictures and hit the sack. Keep you posted.

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