Monday, May 18, 2009

Three fat babies

We are finally to a point where the kids are big enough that their feeding patterns will be changing. Kara talked to a nurse today who told us we could stop putting formula powder (extra calories) in the breast milk. She also said we could start transitioning to more "on call" feedings instead of having to wake them up every three hours to feed. Tonight is the first night we are trying this. It is 2 am now and I just got done feeding the kids. I would have normally woke them up at midnight and fed them but I waited until they woke themselves up. They slept an extra hour from what they normally would. The real test will be, what time they wake up again. Normally I would do a 3am feed and go to bed but who knows when they will wake up. Little Angel

Two of a kind

Not much else has changed in the last week. Kara and I have had to learn to do the day to day activities while trying to handle three little ones. Avery takes the most attention to keep happy. Once a day she goes into a screaming fit. We are lucky that it is only once a day. If you pick her up she is fine, she usually stops within seconds and goes to sleep in your arms. Well, the other day she went into one of the screaming fits while Kara was doing dishes and I was getting bottles ready. Neither of us was at a good stopping point so we had to get a little creative. I think the picture says it all..... I know it looks goofy but it worked. We also have a pouch that looks like a kangaroo pouch. Kara has carried around the kids and it works great. Hands free cell phones was a great invention, but hands free kid carriers are going to be a life saver! We had a conversation tonight about what it would be like if we only had one baby instead of three. We heard so many times how hard it was going to be trying to take care of three kids. How hard just one kid is and here we are trying to to raise three. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been easy, especially on Kara. No matter if the kids slept 8 straight hours, she would still have to get up every three to make her "mommy juice". I feel bad for her because I can tell it takes a lot out of her every day but she is doing great. And it is not as hard as it will be when I go back to work. Right now, the load is lightened with me being home because I just keep the same sleep pattern that I do when I work, staying with the kids all night. When I go back, it will be even more time Kara will have to be here by herself and less rest for her. But, we would not trade this for the world. We talked about how bored we would be, and how much more down time we would have with just one. Our living room is a makeshift nursery right now and that wouldn't be here with just one baby. Our lives would be completely different and it just isn't something we would want. Anyways, just some random thoughts popping in my head. Enjoy the pics, will post more later.

Metting of the minds...they are plotting against us

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