Tuesday, May 26, 2009

our babies are so grown up!

Here are some of the fun things they do in their 'grown up' state of mind...

*They try to crawl out of their boppies (Zach)*They hold their own bottles up (only a one time thing for now by Colby)
*They link arms with each other (Avery and Colby)
*They have their first friend...Hadley Rankin

*They have big boy and girl paci's
ok....so reality says they're still negative a week and a half....but very advanced for their young selves!! Next week is their official 'due date' and the 40 week mark where we can start counting positive weeks with their adjusted age. they will start acting more like term babies, and start catching up with all the fun things babies do...which hopefully includes sleeping for stretches longer than 1.5 hours through the night!!
Everyone is doing very well!...the boys are definitely boys...peeing all over themselves and taking formula/milk baths just about every feeding...and Avery is definitely the princess...demanding lots of attention and looking beautiful in all of her cute clothes.

Their mom and dad are doing well too...trying to sleep as much as possible, even though that works out better for their dad than it does their mom (who is really pushing for the longer sleeping stretches through the night!)
Our Outings
Last week, we went to the eye dr....and if you ever have a preemie that has to go to the eye dr...be prepared for the torture devices they use on their poor eyes. It's important to get them checked so we know for sure they won't have a detached retina down the road, but i have never heard the babies scream that loud before. They use a clampy-like-thing to hold their eye opened, then another tool to rotate their eye left and right....the nurse even said her ears were ringing-especially after Colby was done. Here i thought we were in for a nice family trip out of the house, but it didn't turn out to be so nice for the babies-but the good news is the dr. said their eyes were even a little more developed than they should be at their age!
We did go on our first family outing this weekend that wasn't as torturous! And by family...everyone including Cooper got to go! We all rode together so mom could do a little shopping at Old Navy and Target (mom was the only one who got out of the minivan) and then dad got to get out to get carryout food from Max and Erma's! Even though the babies slept the whole time, i know they were excited to get out of the house and watch mommy do what she does best-shop!! =)

Now...it's time for mommy to get some sleep while she can! The 3am feed/pump session comes faster every night!!

Aren't they so cute in their hand-made 'baby in a bag' outfits!? They were very cozy in them after their baths!

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