Wednesday, April 29, 2009

on thier own schedule...

Look very closely at Avery's face....what do you notice?? No feeding tube!! So even back at the very beginning of thier lives, the kiddos have decided what 'things' were necessary. The boys decided they were done with shown by them sucking on it rather than having the prongs up their noses, they took turns pulling out their IV's, and now Avery decided today she's done with her feeding tube! It's good and bad. As long as she can continue taking her full bottles, then she won't have to have it back in! But if she doesn't, then it will go back....but so far so good on the feedings without it! She took at full bottle at 3 for daddy, and another one at 6 for uncle alex! The boys are also doing very well taking their bottles!! At 6, Colby took his whole bottle for Halley and Zach took his whole one for me!! (i encouraged them to yank their tubes tonight too!! :) )
The 'food prep' ladies now put their food in bottles instead of the syringes which is another good step!! The only problem with their feedings is multiple nurses have reported to us that they are "night time feeders"....which means they eat much better and more consistently through the nights than they do the days. It's great that they're eating....BUT that means the whole family is on a night-shift schedule except for mom....and it will probably be easier to switch one person's schedule than i'm out numbered. Looks like we will be sleeping with the sun up and eating when it goes down!

Wish there was more to update on...but we're really just waiting for them to decided to take all their bottles, then we're brining them home!! the mean time, here are a few more cute pics from the past few days....

Avery riding the rollercoaster (this happens everytime you un-swaddle her)
Colby looking cute
Zach saying hi

Avery sucking her paci/thumb...she's got a good system going on!
Colby cheesin for momZach sleeping peacefully...covering his gets noisy in the NICU sometimes!!

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