Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And on the 4th day....

<- Mommy and Avery
So the babies are 4 days old and already they are developing their own personalities. Avery is the rambunctious, vocal baby in our lives. If she is not happy you will know about it. Colby definitely takes after his dad. He will get a burst of energy and it will last a while, but when he is ready to sleep there is no waking him. Today we took a two hour nap while he was sleeping on my chest (pic included). Zach likes to stretch out as long as he can and wiggles a little but he is usually quiet and relaxed. All 3 babies are off of their IV fluids. They are eating enough now so they don't need any help hydrating. Avery and Zach are no longer using the tanning lamps either. One day was enough to chase away the jaundice. They are all coming along so quickly it is truly amazing. Kara is still improving by the day. I know I wrote yesterday that she should be getting out today but that didn't happen. Dr. Coppage wanted to see her improve one more day, making sure that she would be able to get around on her own. She walked more today and got a shower. She spent about 5 hours in the NICU with the kids which is the most so far. It would have been longer but the doctor's kept calling her back to the room so they could take 2 minutes to check her out. We got moved to the 13th floor since she no longer required oxygen and we are getting discharged tomorrow (this time I am sure). I know she is looking forward to getting home and spending some time with the dog and get a nights sleep without the nurse's interruptions, but it will be hard to leave the babies here. I know two or three weeks seems like a long time until they get to come home but it will go by quickly. After tomorrow, if anyone is driving down 75 and wants to either visit the babies or just be a taxi, call us! She is not going to be able to drive for 2 or 3 weeks so we may be able to get her down to the hospital more often with your help, especially when I am working. I have included a link to more pictures. A lot of people have asked why I haven't posted more pictures but I am working on it. I mean, give me a break, we just had 3 babies ;)


  1. Congratulations, you two! Glad to hear that things are going well and you'll be heading home soon. Hospitals do not allow for good rest. I know you'll miss your babies but you may have the opportunity to gather your strength before they come home! It's hard to believe that the girl I used to watch at the park is now a mom. Geez, I feel old:)

  2. Everyone looks great!!! Kara looks so beautiful with the babies and Josh you look cute too. Thanks so much for the updates and pictures. You truly are blessed.